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FNT Command for Data Center Infrastructure Management   

Cloud-based software for managing and optimizing the entire data center infrastructure.

A Complete Solution

FNT Command-as-a-Service is a scalable management system for services, configurations, and infrastructures in IT, telecommunications, and data centers. It’s a modular, fully featured and expandable solution that can be adapted to fit any organization’s specific needs. FNT Command-as-a-Service is powered by an integrated data model that documents all IT assets, their connections and dependencies. This ensures direct access to detailed and up-to-date information on all resources and enables more efficient operation of your infrastructure and delivery of IT services.

FNT Command for Data Center Infrastructure Management is a centralized control and optimization platform that provides end-to-end transparency across the data center. At its core is a central data repository of all physical, logical and virtual assets, resources and capacities in the data center. This information is made actionable by an integrated, state-of-the-art management system to improve decision-making and simplify day-to-day management of the data center.

DCIM from FNT provides a comprehensive and integrated view of valuable data center resources, including:

• Building infrastructure (power, cooling, floorspace)
• IT infrastructure (networks, servers, storage)
• Services (software, applications),

This complete visibility into all relationships between IT, facility and network delivers the insight to understand the impact of planned changes and develop effective optimization measures. FNT’s open architecture and standard interfaces and protocols make it easy to incorporate live power consumption and temperature values into efficiency analysis and data center planning. This allows you to speed up daily data center processes and reduce unplanned downtimes.

Easily Integrate with Existing Data Center Systems

FNT Command contains a comprehensive connectivity layer for integrating with a wide range of specialized data center systems. It works with your existing applications to keep all information in a single database and available for processes across the organization.


  • Achieve control of all areas of the data center
  • Monitor the data center in real time and use resources more efficiently
  • Reduce MAC processes and track all changes

FNT was honored to win the 2017 Data Center Insider Award for the third year in a row for FNT Command.


  • Web-based, multi-client, multilingual, multi-user software
  • Comprehensive planning functionality and real-time power and temperature data support strategic decision-making processes
  • Precise real-time monitoring capabilities support fault-free operation of data centers to improve resource efficiency
  • Customizable dashboards and powerful reporting functionalities enable analysis of important data center metrics
  • 2D and 3D visualization of racks, rooms and floor space supports centralized management of multiple locations
  • Easy process automation accelerates daily business processes and supports greater operational reliability
  • Auto-discovery tools automate data import to ensure all data on documented infrastructure is fully up-to-date
  • Supports software-defined scenarios to virtualize data center resources for maximum agility and efficiency
  • Includes FNT Command Modules: C base, C line, Data Center Cockpit and DC Client
  • Facilities Management option includes FNT Command Modules: C base, C line, Data Center Cockpit, DC Client, Power Management and Aircon


Concurrent User

Data Center Infrastructure Management Concurrent User is $1,855/User/Month
Includes FNT Command Modules: C base, C line, Data Center Cockpit and DC Client

Data Center Infrastructure Management with Facilities Management Concurrent User is $3,155/User/Month
Includes FNT Command Modules: C base, C line, Data Center Cockpit, DC Client, Power Management and Aircon

Note: FNT Command subscription required (see below). No additional infrastructure required. This is a cloud-based SaaS offering.

Software-as-a-Service Plans Cost
Basic Plan (FNT Command-as-a-Service (CaaS)) $800/month
Standard Plan (FNT CaaS with Query Editor Enhanced Reporting) $1,640/month
Advanced Plan (FNT CaaS with Query Editor Enhanced Reporting and API support) $2,090/month

Use Cases

  • Perform capacity, power, cooling and space planning
  • Perform detailed rack, server and cabling planning
  • Manage a live data center
  • Consolidate multiple data centers and set up a brand-new data center


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