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FNT Command for IT Infrastructure Management   

Optimize the IT infrastructure with a cloud-based system that automates & orchestrates IT processes.

A Complete Solution

FNT Command-as-a-Service is a scalable management system for services, configurations, and infrastructures in IT, telecommunications, and data centers. It’s a modular, fully featured and expandable solution that can be adapted to fit any organization’s specific needs. FNT Command-as-a-Service is powered by an integrated data model that documents all IT assets, their connections and dependencies. This ensures direct access to detailed and up-to-date information on all resources and enables more efficient operation of your infrastructure and delivery of IT services.

FNT Command for IT Infrastructure Management is a centralized control and optimization platform that optimizes the interaction between network, server, workstation and software management. At its core is a central data repository of all physical, logical and virtual assets and resources and data center capacities. It comes standard with a component library of over 50,000 network components that makes fast documentation of the entire IT infrastructure possible.

This information is made actionable by an integrated, state-of-the-art management system that enables you to organize your IT infrastructure more effectively and provides the ability to model all relationships between assets and CIs on the physical, logical, and virtual levels as part of a fully integrated system. Together, they provide the foundation for successful business service management, the industrialization of IT activities and the alignment of business and IT.

Easily Integrate with Existing Cable Management Systems

FNT Command is based on an open system architecture that allows complete and seamless integration with external applications.


  • Free up time for strategic projects
  • Reduce your IT costs
  • Improve the quality of your IT services


  • Web-based, multi-client, multilingual, multi-user software
  • Coverage of the entire infrastructure and its interrelationships, including physical and logical network structures
  • Integrated view of all service assets and CIs over the entire service lifecycle, from planning to decommissioning
  • Process automation using a flexible workflow management system with graphical process modeling and comprehensive process monitoring
  • Terminal device and server management, including physical and virtual servers, with evaluation of logical relationships
  • Integrated license and contract management
  • Storage, software, and application management
  • Open standard interfaces for mass and real-time data
  • Includes FNT Command Modules: C base, C line, Signal Management, IP Management, Software Management and Server Management


Concurrent User

IT Infrastructure Mgmt Concurrent User is $2,240/User/Month
Includes FNT Command Modules: C base, C line, Signal Management, IP Management, Software Management and Server Management

Note: FNT Command subscription required (see below). No additional infrastructure required. This is a cloud-based SaaS offering.

Software-as-a-Service Plans Cost
Basic Plan (FNT Command-as-a-Service (CaaS)) $800/month
Standard Plan (FNT CaaS with Query Editor Enhanced Reporting) $1,640/month
Advanced Plan (FNT CaaS with Query Editor Enhanced Reporting and API support) $2,090/month

Use Cases

  • Optimize IT processes by performing detailed analysis using accurate documentation of all physical, logical, and virtual relationships between IT services and service assets in their current and planned states
  • Reduce IT costs by increasing the efficiency of IT infrastructure planning and IT processes
  • Improve quality and provisioning of IT services by automating service delivery with access to all basic information on hardware, software, licenses, and responsibilities
  • Speed up fault impact analysis with service-oriented visualization of CIs in heterogeneous IT landscapes


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