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FNT Command for Telecommunication Resource Inventory   

Cloud-based management system for all telecommunications network and service resources

A Complete Solution

FNT Command-as-a-Service is a scalable management system for services, configurations, and infrastructures in IT, telecommunications, and data centers. It’s a modular, fully featured and expandable solution that can be adapted to fit any organization’s specific needs. FNT Command-as-a-Service is powered by an integrated data model that documents all IT assets, their connections and dependencies. This ensures direct access to detailed and up-to-date information on all resources and enables more efficient operation of your infrastructure and delivery of IT services.

FNT Command for Telecommunication Resource Inventory provides the information you need for the planning, engineering, service fulfillment and service assurance processes of your telecommunications networks. At its core is a central data repository of all physical, logical and virtual assets and resources in the telecommunications environment. It shows all the data connections in your network, including related data center capacities and IT resources. This gives end-to-end transparency across all description levels and forms the foundation for a modern BSS/OSS architecture.

This information is made actionable by an integrated, state-of-the-art management system for efficient use of OSS and BSS network resources. It enables network operators and service providers to document, plan and manage the transport technologies they use in their networks.

Easily Integrate with Existing Cable Management Systems

FNT Command contains a comprehensive connectivity layer and standard interfaces for integrating with and providing vital network information to a wide range of systems.


  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Boost the efficiency of planning, fulfillment, and assurance processes
  • Reduce operating costs and automate processes


  • Web-based, multi-client, multi-lingual, multi-user software
  • Supports all types of line-based and wireless network technologies for transmission, access, cell phone, and cable networks
  • Seamless documentation across all description levels, from physical network to service
  • Resource management analytics and dashboards with all the information needed to make better use of available resources
  • Georeferenced and schematic representations of networks that enable easier management of large, heterogeneous infrastructures
  • Cross-media auto-routing enables a more informed selection of service routes, taking into account redundant signal paths, leased lines, & dark fibers
  • Includes FNT Command Modules: C base, C line, Telco and IP Management
  • Virtualization option includes FNT Command Modules: C base, C line, Telco, IP Management, Server Management, Software Management and Service Browser


Concurrent User

Telecommunication Resource Inventory Concurrent User is $1,890/User/Month
Includes FNT Command Modules: C base, C line, Telco and IP Management

Telecommunication Resource Inventory with Virtualization Concurrent User is $3,185/User/Month
Includes FNT Command Modules: C base, C line, Telco, IP Management, Server Management, Software Management and Service Browser

Note: FNT Command subscription required (see below). No additional infrastructure required. This is a cloud-based SaaS offering.

Software-as-a-Service Plans Cost
Basic Plan (FNT Command-as-a-Service (CaaS)) $800/month
Standard Plan (FNT CaaS with Query Editor Enhanced Reporting) $1,640/month
Advanced Plan (FNT CaaS with Query Editor Enhanced Reporting and API support) $2,090/month

Use Cases

  • Shorten time to market
  • Plan network expansions and upgrades
  • Improve service quality and improve customer satisfaction
  • Accelerate troubleshooting by providing data to monitoring and ticketing systems
  • Reduce operating costs by automating processes


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