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Call Reporting and Telemanagement Software

With thousands of installations, over 25 years in business, and a reputation for excellent customer service and technical support, Metropolis is a leading call accounting and reporting manufacturer.

OfficeWatch SL Professional call reporting software with 911 alerts, up to 3 division and organization reporting levels, emailed and scheduled custom filtered reports exported into HTML, XLS, or PDF file formats, trunk threshold alarms and TrafficWatch graphical trunk analyzer, multi-site call processing capabilities.


  • Tracking of all Inbound, Outbound, and Internal Calls by Extension, Name, Department, Division, and Location
  • Over 200 Report Templates with Automatic Scheduling via Email
  • Automatic Costing and Classification of all Calls
  • Bill Back to user-defined cost facilities, e.g. departments, tenants, locations
  • 911 Triple Alert System via Email, SMS, and Pop Up
  • Trunk Analysis with Minute by Minute Utilization
  • Toll Fraud Alerts on User Defined Expensive and Unusual Calls
  • Custom report designer and scheduler
  • Direct connect via ODBC integration to 3rd party solutions such as data warehouses and business intelligence solutions.
  • Unlimited web-users with various permissions for least privileged access. For example, a report only user can access OfficeWatch with read-only privileges to view their department's reports.



Term and Volume Discount Pricing below

Subscription Plan 1-Year 3-Years 5-Years
Tier 1: Up to 50 ext $75/mo $68/mo $60/mo
Tier 2: Up to 100 ext $95/mo $87/mo $75/mo
Tier 3: Up to 250 ext $125/mo $145/mo $125/mo
Tier 4: Up to 500 ext $185/mo $180/mo $170/mo
Tier 5: Up to 750 ext $265/mo $248/mo $215/mo
Tier 6: Up to 1000 ext $321/mo $300/mo $260/mo
Tier 7: Up to 1250 ext $375/mo $351/mo $300/mo
Tier 8: Up to 1500 ext $431/mo $403/mo $345/mo
Tier 9: Up to 1750 ext $483/mo $451/mo $390/mo
Tier 10: Up to 2000 ext $535/mo $501/mo $475/mo
Tier 11: Up to 2500 ext $560/mo $531/mo $495/mo
Tier 12: Up to 3000 ext $595/mo $566/mo $535/mo
  • On-boarding: $495/one-time fee
    _ (Setup and configuration call with Metropolis on-boarding manager)_

Note: Total extensions should include all active extensions as well as any another device capable of making or receiving calls tied to the PBX. This includes all phone lines, Agent IDs, modems, VDN’s, fax lines, voicemail ports, and virtual extensions.


  • Windows R2 Server (2 vCPU / 4GB Memory / 80GB Storage): $119/month


PBX Model and Communication Information. There are several methods to setup your CDR / SMDR communications delivery. Available connections and the necessary settings are as follows:

Serial: PBX sends data over serial cable. Need Comm Port #, Baud Rate, Data Bits, Stop Bits, Parity. A buffer box may be required if the Legacy PBX can only transmit CDR/SMDR via a serial cable.

IP Port: PBX sends data to TCP IP port. Need IP port setting.

IP as Client: PBX holds data until application pulls data via TCP IP. Need PBX IP address and port

File Delivery: Application extracts calls from a file delivered by the PBX to a PC folder location.
Need file directory path.

Note: PBX CDR / SMDR output settings are determined by the PBX vendor.

Use Cases

Call records to comply with regulatory needs, 911-alerts, ease of access to call logs in the event of subpoena / incident

Expense/budget allocation for voice communication, Trunk/Voice capacity management, toll fraud / suspicious call tracking

General Business
Productivity, report automation, Trunk analysis, automated triggered alerts, centralized reporting among multi-sites/pbx streams

Proof of calls to patients, trunk capacity

Alerts and student safety, tracing call records

Customer service management, customer journey tracking


Support for your software purchased via the Marketplace is rendered by the individual Software Provider. The CenturyLink Customer Care Team is unable to provide support for your software. However, if you are experiencing issues with the infrastructure that hosts your software, please open a ticket with Below you can find the contact information for support of this software.

Phone: (954) 414-2900 Ext 32

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