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IR Prognosis HeartBeat   

IR Prognosis HeartBeat continuously tests UC, contact center, or IVR system's user experience

How IR Prognosis HeartBeat Works

Whether it’s the interactions between customers and agents, or customers and self-service systems, availability and real-time performance management with HeartBeat is vital for customer satisfaction and retention.

IR Prognosis HeartBeat is an automated cloud-based testing service from IR Testing Solutions. You decide how many calls per hour HeartBeat makes to give you outside-in UC or contact center quality information. It completely removes the need for manual testing while giving you comprehensive insight into the availability, performance, and quality of service you're delivering. And you don’t need to purchase hardware or software; we test without adding any products to your infrastructure.

Following your Marketplace purchase, the IR Testing Solutions team will contact you to define the Virtual Customer® (VC) test call scenarios that most effectively exercise the end-to-end performance of your UC and contact center interactions from an outside-in perspective. Combinations of notifications and escalation methods provide a VC monitoring strategy that’s just right for your team, business model and voice solution.

Our test equipment initiates real voice calls to access and interact with your system just like any other user via the public telephone network.

Once we have defined the test case(s), our service will initiate in-bound VC test calls at the frequency specified by the plan you select. If the system response at a given step is unexpected or takes longer than anticipated, the Virtual Customer process immediately notifies you via e-mail or SMS message. This means your team can get straight on it, before your customers are affected.


Initiate test calls at frequencies that make sense

Some systems only need to be tested once an hour. Others must be checked more frequently. Test call frequencies range from 2 per hour up to 12 per hour.

Review online test call results and recordings

Data from the Virtual Customer test calls, including recordings of every test call, are available via a secure Web portal for 90 days.

Log data when the issues occur

The testing process identifies and tracks errors, logs results in a database and records every call. This helps development quickly identify and resolve issues.

Control the notification process

You may want to be alerted every time your system skips a beat, or perhaps only when an issue persists for 2 or more test calls. Alerts can be configured to meet your level of sensitivity, plus you have the ability to suspend alerts during planned downtimes or system outages.

Spend less time finding and fixing problems

Evaluate and optimize system performance and achieve fast problem resolution so you spend less time dealing with dissatisfied customers

Give your customers the service experience you planned for them

Receive a weekly report documenting your solution’s availability, functionality, and performance. Use call history data to analyze trends and statistics to gain the insight you need to go home with confidence!

  1. Know that carrier and toll-free services are correctly provisioned.
  2. Confirm cloud services are working as expected.
  3. Be confident IVR and self-service applications are available, up and running.
  4. Ensure host response times are acceptable.
  5. Ensure availability of speech recognition and text to speech services.
  6. Ensure failover/backup servers are up and ready to take traffic.
  7. Ensure the right data pops on the agent’s desktop.
  8. Be sure call intelligibility doesn’t degrade at certain times of day.
  9. Know customer-facing technology is performing 24 x 7.
  10. Deliver the issue-free technology experiences you planned.



IR Prognosis HeartBeat Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS)

IMPORTANT: This offering has a 12-month term commit, billed monthly.

Test Calls Per Hour Cost
2 $438/month
3 $657/month
4 $876/month
5 $1,095/month
6 $1,314/month
7 $1,533/month
8 $1,752/month
9 $1,971/month
10 $2,190/month
11 $2,409/month
12 $2,628/month


PSTN access
Customer-provided UC or IVR call flow
Answering endpoints (IVR, auto-attendant, conference bridge, etc.)

Use Cases

Best Practices HeartBeat Test Cases

  • Validate UC, Contact Center, or IVR system availability 24 x 7
  • Confirm PSTN connectivity
  • Confirm Conference Bridges are available from the outside-in
  • Confirm voicemail systems are available to take messages
  • Confirm IVR interaction response times are within tolerance 24 x 7
  • Confirm speech recognition technology keeps pace during peak busy hour
  • Confirm the correct screens pop on the agent desktop


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