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IR Prognosis StressTest Add-ons   

StressTest load testing (UC, CC, IVR) test time, test case script, or report add-ons/extensions

IR Prognosis StressTest fixed-price package add-ons

IR Prognosis StressTest™ is a cloud-based, managed, load and performance testing service for voice systems.

These add-ons to the standard IR StressTest package allow customers to enhance their package in the following three (3) ways:

  • Additional Test call generation time (available in 15-min blocks)
  • Additional Test Script Cases
  • Additional Formal Written Reports


Additional Test Call Generation Time

Extended test call generation time adds 15-minute increments to the test time available in the baseline fixed-price package.

Additional Test Case Scripts

Test case add-ons allow Customers to increase the number of IVR/Contact Center or UC applications tested as part of a StressTest engagement.

Additional Written Reports

Formal written reports in either of two formats can be added as needed:

  • Call Details Reports provide typical CDR report information plus step by step measurements of system response times at every step of the test case scripts in Microsoft Excel format.
  • Scatter Diagram Reports provide key test session summary statistics plus plots of key test case script step response times vs test session run time that allow Customers to visually identify changes in system behavior as functions of test run time, offered traffic, or system incident (e.g., failed server or network segment).



IR Prognosis StressTest Load/Performance Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) Add-ons

IMPORTANT: Pricing below is for additional 15-min testing blocks. All testing must be conducted within the 30-day engagement period. To learn more about a StressTest engagement, visit the StressTest Tile.

Concurrent Calls (Max) Cost (One-time Fee)
100 $690
250 $1,403
500 $2,591
750 $3,779
1,000 $4,299
1,500 $4,744
>1,500 Contact Sales for pricing

Add-on Cost (One-time Fee)
Additional Test Script $761/one-time fee
Additional Formal Report $2.034/one-time fee


N/A. No additional infrastructure required. This cloud-based testing service is provided by IR.


Full fixed-price StressTest package for same or greater concurrent call level previously purchased for the same project.

Use Cases

Additional Test Call Generation Time

  • Confirm that fixes for issues previously identified are effective.
  • Confirm system stability as part of an extended run-time Soak Test.
  • Exercise High-Availability (HA) system resilience by systematically introducing and then reversing faults (disconnecting a network segment, disabling a server, halting a service, triggering alternate routing, etc.) while documenting system reaction versus defined fallback & recovery plans.

Additional Test Case Scripts

  • Required when the number of key, Customer-facing self-service IVR/Contact Center or UC applications to be exercised during StressTest engagement exceeds the number of test case scripts included in the fixed-price package.

Additional Written Reports

  • Written reports document system performance under a specific set of circumstances.
    Performance Benchmark reports can be used to establish baseline system performance prior to implementation of a new system feature or expansion for comparison to system performance after completion of an update, upgrade, expansion, component swap-out, etc. Formal written reports are also useful for documenting SLA compliance both internally and externally.


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