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IR Prognosis StressTest   

StressTest load testing assesses UC, IVR & contact center performance under peak traffic conditions

How IR Prognosis StressTest Works

StressTest™ is a cloud-based, managed, load and performance testing service for voice systems that provides the insight you need to assess, tune, and verify contact center performance and go live with confidence.

StressTest goes beyond component level testing to deliver comprehensive performance verification of production systems and environments. Test calls are generated remotely and access your system via the Public Telephone Network, just like real Customers, following a carefully defined test case script to access and interact with your communications technology. By testing IVR and contact center systems from the outside-in, StressTest services reveal the customer perspective of system performance under real-world conditions.

Whether it’s a new service, recovery after repair, or upgraded self-service capabilities, StressTest allows you to proactively identify issues and manage the risk associated with implementing complex UC and contact center solutions.


Features of StressTest Performance/Load Testing

  • Participate in flexible test sessions to suit your schedule
    Tests and retests ensure the solution performs as expected under load and verifies capacity, performance, stability, and resilience.

  • Access to comprehensive test call results
    The results of each call, including information about step-by-step response times, are captured and made available in real-time via the web, and after the test session via detailed reports. Complete test call recordings available via the web let you hear what really happened during each test call.

Benefits of StressTest Performance/Load Testing

Go into production with confidence. Outside-in, end-to-end performance testing in the production environment ensures that your customers’ first use experience will be a good one.

  1. Know that carrier and toll-free services are correctly provisioned.
  2. Confirm cloud services are working as expected.
  3. Be confident IVR and self-service applications are available, up and running.
  4. Ensure host response times are acceptable.
  5. Ensure availability of speech recognition and text to speech services.
  6. Ensure failover/backup servers are up and ready to take traffic.
  7. Ensure the right data pops on the agent’s desktop.
  8. Be sure call intelligibility doesn’t degrade at certain times of day.
  9. Know customer-facing technology is performing 24 x 7.
  10. Deliver the issue-free technology experiences you planned.



IR Prognosis StressTest Load/Performance Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS)

IMPORTANT: Pricing below is for 2-hour testing blocks. To purchase additional testing time, see the StressTest Add-Ons Tile. Testing time is consumed in 15-minute (minimum) increments and must be conducted within a 30-day engagement period. The engagement includes: project management, testing support time, four (4) test case scenarios, and a formal written report.

Concurrent Calls (Max) Cost (One-time Fee)
100 $14,563
250 $19,359
500 $27,350
750 $35,343
1,000 $38,839
1,500 $41,837
>1,500 Contact Sales for pricing

Add-on Cost (One-time Fee)
Additional Test Script $761/one-time fee
Additional Formal Report $2,034/one-time fee


N/A. No additional infrastructure required. This cloud-based testing service is provided by IR.


  • PSTN connectivity
  • System capacity/licenses (SIP trunks, SBC, IVR, Conference Bridge, etc.)
  • Answering endpoints
  • Customer-provided call flows for testing (IVR, auto-attendant, etc.)

Use Cases

When to StressTest

Whenever anything changes

  • New System Installation
  • SIP transformation
  • Carrier capacity
  • Burstable bandwidth
  • Technology upgrades
  • Patches or Application Updates

Pre-Peak Season

  • Open Enrollment
  • Storm Season Preparation
  • Holiday Surge/Black Friday Preparation
  • M & A Activity; F C & E Events

TCPA Regulatory Compliance


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