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Stash protects valuable data at the byte level, turning it into unreadable, unstealable, DigitalConfetti™ At Stash, we are REALLY paranoid about keeping your data private, secure and resilient. It is in our
DNA. We have decades of experience protecting some of the most important networks and data
on the Internet. Only the paranoid survive!

• Store your precious data in your own unique, secure environment. You can also set up very
secure mailboxes with which to share data with other users.
Whether you want to keep things to yourself or share with others, Stash has created the most
secure products in the market. From your computer to your vault or a colleague’s computer
data is secured and protected with the most advanced encryption.
No more vulnerable emails.

• We take ensuring that You are really You VERY seriously. Most sites just require usernames and passwords. We deploy
advanced multifactor authentication. To enter Stash you must know or have five identifiers. And we have made it easy and fun to use.

• Each user’s data is uniquely encrypted with the strongest encryption available. No user has the
same encryption.
Stash uses AES256 (Advanced Encryption Standard with 256 bit key length) to protect your data.
This powerful encryption, the highest standard used for the most sensitive data in the world, would take a lifetime, even several lifetimes for data thieves to crack. The key used to encrypt your data is unique to you and only you.

•With CenturyLink we are fully accredited for your compliance needs.
AICPA SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3; ISO 27001; and Privacy Shield (formerly Safe Harbor) compliant.
Your PCI-DSS and HIPAA requirements are met and supported.

• We can’t decrypt your data – only you can. WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR DATA IS AND WE
Not only does every user have a completely unique key to access their data, Stash uses another
unique key that combined with the user key, makes for one of the as-secure- as-it-gets
standards, to protect your data. This combination means we cannot read your data. Many
other companies claim that data is secure, but in reality their computer staff control the
decryption. So the data can intentionally or inadvertently, be made public. Not with Stash.
We couldn’t if we wanted to.

•Stash shreds your encrypted data into DigitalConfetti™ and distributes it randomly across your preferred storage mediums.
Not only can adversaries not read your data, they cannot figure out how many parts it is in, where the parts are nor how to put them back again. Even if a server or storage location gets hacked there is nothing useful to grab.

• We are agnostic about what storage options you may want.
We support public cloud, private cloud and in-house storage – or any combination. It is your choice.

• Storing your data on Stash’s web-based service isolates it from your networks which include
your email and other popular attack vectors for adversaries.
Diminish the risk of phishing, DDOS or ransomware attacks on your networks. Ensure your data is
copied securely through Stash on separate facilities. Anytime you upload files into Stash, or
download files from Stash to a computer, they are protected by TLS (Transport Layer Security),
the most effective tool for securing data in motion. It is the same encryption and highest level
of protection that banks, e-commerce, and governments use to keep their data protected
while in transit across the Internet.

• Unlike other services, with Stash there is no agent or software sitting on your computer - no
digital footprint left behind for hackers to exploit.
No digital trail to follow. No cookies, keys, session data or passwords are stored on your machine.
Once you are finished no one can follow you.

• Stash is REALLY quick to implement and simple to use.
Have your firm’s own white label Stash site up and running within two hours. Your users will find
the interface very familiar and simple to use. It looks and feels like your typical folder storage.

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