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Store and share the right files with the right entities with Data Leakage Protection

Need to share data securely and make sure ONLY the right data is shared with your partners? STASH DLP™ provides content and contextual data leakage protection to analyze your data before its stored or shared through our secure platform.

Advanced controls let you configure checks based on a variety of criteria, including LOCATION of words in an Office document. Alert and notify, or actively block data from being stored or shared, based on the checks you setup. Multiple roles allow you to delegate configuration and reviews of files triggering alerts.

Share data with confidence with STASH DLP.


Flexible rules allow you to define what your users or client can store and share.
Ensure compliance with PCI, HIPAA and other standards by validating the data before its stored and shared.

Your data is uniquely secured and protected, encrypted with the strongest encryption available. We can’t decrypt your data – only you can. We have no idea what your data is and we cannot find out.

STASH shreds your encrypted data into Digital Confetti™ and distributes it randomly across your preferred storage mediums, be they public cloud, private cloud, or off-cloud in-house storage – or any combination.

We keep your data on a completely different network to your office network with its vulnerabilities to phishing and malware attacks. And STASH is not vulnerable to encryption ransomware software like cryptolocker.


STASH's pricing model is simple. A monthly fee for the company (determined by the number of employees of the company) which includes a set amount of storage (GB) per month. Storage beyond the set amount is charged on a declining tiered pricing rate. STASH DLP™ is an "add-on" product to the other STASH products. So if a customer signs up for DLP with STASH Armoured Courier™., they would be paying the Armoured courier base rate together with the DLP base rate for their company size. The same would hold true if they sign up for STASHBack™ Courier and add DLP. In both cases the data storage included in the joint product is determined by the data pricing terms of the non-DLP product.
For STASH DLP™ the pricing is:

Size of Company Monthly Fee per Company
up to 49 $252
50 – 249 $384
250 – 499 $774
500 – 999 $929
1,000 – 2,499 $1,115
2,500 – 4,999 $1,337
5000 -9,999 $1,605
10,000+ $1,926

November 2017
Subject to Change


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