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STASH® is a Modular, Automated, Datacentric Privacy & Security Solution for Data-at-Rest & In-Motion

STASH® is a Modular, Automated, Stick-to-the-Data Privacy and Security Solution Service that is delivered as a SaaS or Deployed OEM Component.

It protects data from theft, ransomware, loss, harm or manipulation. STASH® datacentric technology proactively protects data at the byte level, for private and secure:

• Data-at-Rest
• Data Sharing
• Long to Very Long-Term Data Archiving

Looking for a comprehensive security platform for your business – a secure interactive environment?
Looking for a differentiator for your storage or privacy service?
Looking for your own security and privacy solution to supplement your cloud operators offering?

STASH® is your Data-Security-as-a-Service (DSECaaS™) partner. Data location agnostic, platform agnostic, and data agnostic, it supplements not replaces existing security infrastructure. A STASH® deployment is simple, automated, and turn-key, requiring no additional staff to manage or support, and no expensive and lengthy integration.

Our proprietary DigitalConfetti® process transforms data into unrecognizable chunks and distributes it randomly across your preferred storage mediums: public cloud, private cloud, or off-cloud in-house storage – or any combination. Attackers that breach any storage location can only see bits of uniquely encrypted and unrelated files.

STASH® secures your data on a completely different network from your office network with its vulnerabilities to phishing and malware attacks. And STASH® is not vulnerable to encryption ransomware software like Cryptolocker.

Data is protected on a user-by-user basis with the strongest encryption available. No user has the same encryption. STASH® can’t decrypt your data – only you can. STASH® has no idea what your data is and cannot find out. Through our proprietary Keys-on-the-Fly® method, STASH® employs a two-key system with keys generated on demand only to access your data. There are no key libraries to be exploited by an adversary.

Unlike other services, with STASH® there is no agent or program sitting on your computer.
No digital footprint left behind for hackers to exploit.

From your computer to your STASH® and on to colleagues’ computers, data is private
and secure. Only the people you nominate can access the data. No more reliance on
vulnerable emails.

The STASH® pricing model is clear and simple. No surprises.
Just email for a price sheet.


These additional functions are a part of all STASH® offerings:

o Share View-only data with anyone outside of STASH®
o Set number of views and length of time to view
o Recipient verification via one time use email link and mobile SMS code
o Data stays protected by STASH® at all times

STASH® Data Leakage Prevention
o Verify sharing the right data with the right person
o Set rules for content of a file and position in a file
o Supports context-based rules on Office files
o Alert or block setup on a rule-by-rule basis

o Choose where your STASH® secured data is stored
o Select providers, regions, countries, or specific data centers
o See in real-time where your protected data is actually being kept
o Be regulatory compliant with the click of a button

There are three flexible ways to deploy STASH®

o Access your vault anywhere, from any device with a browser
o Fully interactive access to data
o Drag and drop file management

o Desktop client application
o File Synchronization
o Schedule and manage unattended data backups
o Easily backup and restore large data sets directly to your vault

o Access and interact with your vault from custom applications
o REST-compliant interface
o Easy to access with cURL
o Secure API access with end-to-end encryption and IP blocks


The STASH® pricing model is clear and simple. One monthly fee, determined by the tiered volume of data being secured per month. No surprises.

Just email for a price sheet.


STASH® is completely modular

Data Agnostic
Platform Agnostic
Infrastructure Agnostic
Network Agnostic
Data Storage Location Agnostic on-cloud or off-cloud
anywhere in the world

STASH® was developed to simply 'snap-on' to existing security stacks with a complete data security solution.

Alternately, STASH® easily complements business architectures already in place with components that were built to seamlessly integrate with infrastructure, authentication, and other systems that are legacy or otherwise required at any organization.


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