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KEMP LoadMaster ADC   

Layer 4-7 Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Load Balancer, Content Switch and Traffic Manager

KEMP LoadMaster™ enables scalable and highly available application deployments with a variety of scheduling methods, application level health checking, intelligent content switching, SSL/TLS acceleration, single sign-on (SSO) authentication, and advanced security features.


Layer 4-7 Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Load Balancer, Content Switch and Traffic Manager.

The easily managed Virtual LoadMaster™ (VLM) is delivers these core capabilities:

  • Client authentication and single sign-on (SSO)
  • Content switching/Traffic Management
  • Global site traffic distribution (GSLB)
  • Intuitive Web User Interface for administration & monitoring
  • Layer 4-7 application load balancing, reverse proxy
  • Layer 7 session persistence
  • Native IPsec VPN for hybrid deployments
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) engine - Rules subscription option available
  • PowerShell & RESTful API for automation
  • Support for apps on both Basic and Standard tier virtual machines
  • Support multiple workloads on single public IP
  • SSL/TLS termination and re-encryption
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 1
  • Full HTTP/2 stack
  • LoadMaster Subscription required to enable some features & services


  • VLM 200 (Throughput up to 200Mbps/ SSL TPS up to 200)
    • Standard - $250.00 per month
    • Enterprise Plus -$425.00 per month
  • VLM 3000 (Throughput up to 3Gbps/ SSL TPS up to 4000)
    • Standard - $550.00 per month
    • Enterprise Plus - $950.00 per month


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Web-based: KEMP Support Portal

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