Marketplace Provider Program

Bring your technology to CenturyLink Cloud and make it available to some of the largest business clients across different industries, accessed from dozens of data centers around the world.

offer your technology via:
API Partners


An extensible integration layer that can be used to direct and control workloads on our platform.

Blueprint Partners


Publish your software as a blueprint that can be repeatably deployed as a business-ready solution to any of our customers.

Add-On Partners


If your web service can be built as an add-on to popular PaaS environments, then it's already compatible with CenturyLink Cloud.


Expand addressable market by working with CenturyLink Cloud across a range of targeted verticals


Bring awareness of your service to the global CenturyLink Cloud sales force and solution consulting team.


Direct engagement with the CenturyLink Cloud Development Center, based in Bellevue, WA.

CloudWalk Programs

Introduce your technology to the CenturyLink technology community, and show how it solves business problems at cloud speed. Learn more about CloudWalk.


Placement on CenturyLink Cloud as a certified Ecosystem member

Infrastructure Resources

Infrastructure resources provided for integration and demonstration

Marketplace Program Guide

Learn more about the process and expectations for integrating your product or service with CenturyLink Cloud

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API Partners

API Partners

The CenturyLink Cloud API is an extensible integration layer that partners can use to direct and control workloads on our platform. Any partner technology capable of passing an XML or JSON payload can incorporate CenturyLink Cloud into its user experience.

Provision and administer cloud servers, manage account(s) and users, and review detailed billing information.

Current Partners Include

  • Data Gardens
  • Racemi
  • Rackware
  • VMware
Use Cases
  • Cloud Management Partners - Direct and control workloads
  • System Integrators - Bond with our service platform
  • Operational Reporting - Manage system state and reach to system events.
Blueprint Partners

Blueprint Partners

Our orchestration engine, Blueprints, helps companies spool up complex environments and applications in the CenturyLink Cloud. Design and publish your technology as a CenturyLink Cloud Blueprint, and it can be deployed as a business-ready solution to any other customer on the CenturyLink Cloud worldwide.

A Blueprint can be comprised of any combination of the following elements:

  • Cloud Tasks - service provisioning of servers, storage and networking
  • Software Installation - run any installable software binaries
  • Configuration Scripts - any command-line script that can tune system settings

Server provisioning, OS and software configuration, and application installation can all be scripted into Cloud Blueprints. The orchestration software makes it easy for users to deploy solutions, reducing operational support costs and speeding time to implementation.

Current Partners Include

  • Acumatica
  • Alert Logic
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Apex Datacom
  • BCM One Vitalview
  • Apache Cassandra Cluster
  • Cloudera
  • Cloudmine
  • Cohesive Networks
  • DataStax
  • Double-Take
  • Dynatrace
  • LAMP Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Mojang
  • MySQL
  • RIAK Cluster
  • Saratoga Data Systems
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Vormetric Data Security
  • Active Directory
  • Pivotal Gemfire
  • Pivotal HD
Use Cases
  • Independent Software Vendors desiring push-button deployment capabilities into the CenturyLink Cloud environment
  • Virtual Appliance vendors with composable technology that can be deployed against standard CenturyLink Cloud templates
  • Systems Integrators focused on automating common orchestration tasks in the cloud as pre-packaged reference architectures
Add-On Partners

Add-On Partners [In Beta Now]

Modern application development patterns are increasingly granular and loosely coupled. Offering your web service as an integrated element of the CenturyLink Cloud user experience gives you access to not only our community of AppFog developers, but also the enterprise IT infrastructure professionals who regularly use our platform.

CenturyLink Cloud's Add-On engine is now available in beta release, and has been designed to maximize compatibility with other Platform-as-a-Service models found in the market today. If your web service can be built as an add-on to popular PaaS environments such as Heroku, then it will be compatible with the CenturyLink Cloud Add-On Engine.

Current Partners Include

  • Cedexis
  • Compose
  • Memcachier
  • MongoLab
  • Redislabs
Use Cases
  • Database and caching services in support of cloud-native development
  • Monitoring subscriptions and web user experience tools
  • Business services delivered as SaaS

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