NetX provides secure, private networks for hybrid IT.

Network Exchange

Deploy a secure, private network to enable hybrid IT solutions.

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Secure, High-Speed Private Network

Network Exchange – NetX – provides a secure, high-speed, redundant, private network, with usage-based billing. It is the preferred alternative to using the Internet or IPSec to connect CenturyLink Cloud to other environments. NetX includes ease of setup and management of virtual circuits via the Control Portal, coupled with CenturyLink Cloud automation, and pre-deployed network infrastructure.

NetX provides secure, private networks for hybrid IT.

Instantly get reliable high-speed connectivity with Network Exchange.

Security and Reliability

Pre-deployed network infrastructure provides higher levels of security and reliability between your hybrid solutions compared to public Internet. NetX establishes routing environments specific to each customer - no global routing tables are used.

In just a few clicks, NetX delivers secure, reliable, high-throughput connections for your cloud applications.

Fast, High-Throughput Connections

Transfer large data sets, perform backups, and store your data in other environments easily. Whether for continuous or periodic calls and data transfers, bursting, or regular backups, NetX is designed to handle heavy workloads.

Use NetX to seamlessly connect CenturyLink Cloud and DCC.

Integrate Hybrid Environments

The high speed and reliability of NetX allows you to create hybrid solutions across platforms -- such as CenturyLink Cloud and DCC -- to transfer data and run your applications between environments seamlessly.

Network Exchange Features

Highly Secure
  • Network Exchange deploys virtual routing to create routing environments specific to each customer.
  • No global routing tables are used within the NetX environment.
  • Firewalls are used within the customer’s CenturyLink Cloud account to further increase security.
  • Customers determine the appropriate security at the non-CLC endpoint.
Advanced Technology
  • NetX uses a combination of Layer 2 and Layer 3. BGP and L3 VPN are used to route traffic on a per customer basis. At the edge, there is a combination of L2 VLANs and L3 routing.
  • Network Exchange leverages the latest SDN (Software Defined Network) technologies.
  • All virtual circuits within NetX are built and deleted via a software front-end using RESTful based API communication.
Self Service & Utility Billing
  • Customers with the appropriate permissions can easily create, modify, or delete a virtual circuit from the Control Portal.
  • Usage and billing is calculated based on the egress traffic (outbound from CenturyLink Cloud) that has passed through the NetX switches in a month.
High Speed
  • Network Exchange runs on 10Gbps links to provide fast speeds for your apps and data.
  • 1Gbps physical links and 10Gbps physical links provisioned per customer.

Use Cases

Facilitate Backups, Storage and Recovery Using NetX
File Transfer and Backup

Network Exchange is ideal for periodic or scheduled data migration as well as replication for disaster recovery, business continuity and high-availability architectures. NetX is also well suited for transferring large amounts of data between CenturyLink Cloud and CenturyLink DCC, whether for high-performance applications, or transferring large VMs between Dev-Test and production environments.

EEasily Connect Hybrid Applications with NetX from CenturyLink
Interconnect Hybrid Applications

Develop hybrid IT applications that utilize both DCC and CenturyLink Cloud infrastructure without compromising security or performance. NetX delivers reliable, high-throughput connections without allowing traffic to travel over the public Internet. Benefit from reduced data transfer costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections.

A free trial with up to $500 in usage

  • No-cost onboarding support from our Cloud Solution Architects
  • Access to CenturyLink Cloud products and services
  • High performance, fast deployment times and intuitive management capabilities that will push your business forward

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During Early Adoption, there is no charge for this service.
After the Early Adoption period, pricing for NetworkExchange egress will be $0.03/GB.

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