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While our customers generally find our products intuitive and easy to use, new customers to our Hybrid IT Delivery Platform often benefit from having our Senior Cloud Architects assist with adopting new technologies — or simply help speed up the process.

Whether you're a team of one, or a full-srvice IT group, there are clear advantages of leveraging the expertise of focused, certified pros to facilitate achieving maximum value from a new technology solution.

Work with our technical experts to get your project off the ground.

Available Orientation Services

Orientation solutions are available to support your implementation of or migration to a variety of our services. We offer specialized orientation for Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation, Cloud Application Manager and other services, either individually or in complex multi-service configurations. Most of these solutions are contracted through a Statement of Work (SOW), allowing us to customize the solution to each Customer.

Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation

This service is a software-defined data center that enables full automation and self-service via vCloud Director and extensive APIs. It offers native remote console access via an IP-based KVM solution. You may engage our Orientation Team to get your team up and running, or you can engage our expert management teams to implement and maintain your private cloud solution for the full "white-glove" treatment. And underneath it all, the hypervisor and infrastructure are fully-managed.

Cloud Application Manager

Lumen Cloud Application Manager is a flexible, multi-cloud management solution that enables IT transformation by orchestrating the delivery of infrastructure, applications and services across any cloud. This solution provides three main components essential to managing and governing cloud applications and infrastructure. You may elect to use our Orientation Team to get started, or you can choose Managed Services Anywhere to leverage a comprehensive team of ongoing support.

Reach out to our Cloud Orientation Team to discuss your unique needs and learn more about all of our Orientation Services.

Customer Feedback

Whenever you engage our Orientation Team, you will be supported by world-class architects with broad expertise. We help you leverage industry best practices and real-life experiences that drive innovation, performance and reliability. We work closely with customers to ensure a streamlined implementation of services. But don’t take our word for it; let our customers speak for themselves.

“An excellent onboarding experience. Meetings were scheduled in a convenient manner matching our schedule. Any questions that arose during the engagement were always pursued quickly and answered.”

— A Leading Securities & Commodities Exchange

“The engineer was great — he was very accommodating, patient, and went above and beyond what he contractually had to. We came away feeling like we had all the tools necessary to successfully set up and manage our environment.”

— An Online Marketplace Site

“Lumen Cloud Orientation services provided the best introduction to a platform that I have encountered in my career.”

— A Leading Multinational Mass Media and Information Firm

“The CLC orientation services were excellent.”

— A National Fast Food Restaurant

“I was extremely impressed with the Orientation Team’s approach. As a customer, the Orientation Team has left many in my organization feeling very good about our decision to move to the CTL cloud. If the onboarding team is any indication of the level of customer service we will receive in the future, that will reinforce our impression of your overall organization.”

— A Government Agency

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