Migration from on-premises infrastructure to CenturyLink Private Node is streamlined

Migration from On-Premises Virtualization

Businesses looking to migrate from "do-it-yourself" virtualization solutions or on-premises infrastructure often consider private clouds. The rationale is multifold. First, it's to enable delivery of more self-service capabilities to employees. Second, it's often a priority to maintain the isolation and security of dedicated infrastructure. CenturyLink Private Node is an ideal solution for many of these scenarios.

Benefit from all the flexibility, scalability and self-service control available on our Public Cloud, but with the security of a fully dedicated, single-tenant architecture. And have immediate access to any number of powerful add-on tools and services, just like you would with CenturyLink Cloud.

CPN also frees up precious IT resources. The node is hosted in a CenturyLink facility where we handle all the backbone infrastructure management, including footprint, power and network. And our Network Operations center manages your cloud to industry-leading SLAs (99.99% uptime for compute, 100% for public network). In addition, CenturyLink offers extensive professional services to ensure your migration goes smoothly, or to take on any number of skill-intensive, specialized tasks and projects.

Control Shadow IT with CenturyLink Private Node ITaaS

Overcoming "Shadow IT" with IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS)

A common challenge for enterprises today is ‘shadow IT’ — the prolific use of technologies unauthorized and out of the visibility and control of corporate IT. Employees need to solve immediate business problems, but they also want to be good corporate citizens. If the IT department is able to easily and quickly deliver a good solution, users will follow. That’s where CenturyLink’s family of cloud products can help.

With both CPN and CenturyLink Cloud, you can customize the management interface — our Control Portal — to match your corporate brand. Then, you can implement account hierarchies and permissions that match internal policies and allow visibility and control over expenditures and usage. From there, employees can consume resources from our self-service interface while IT can concurrently manage and monitor environments using the Control Portal. At the end of the month or quarter, IT can easily and accurately “chargeback” these resources to the respective departments. That’s IT-as-a-Service made easy, across both public and private nodes.

Financial Services Applciations are ideal for CenturyLink Private Node

Financial Services Applications

Dedicated infrastructure has always been a must-have for financial services organizations. Lightning-fast performance and control over where data is stored are two key reasons. Whatever the segment — insurance, capital markets, commercial banking — CenturyLink Private Node delivers on both fronts.

Additionally, our intuitive Control Portal has powerful administrative tools to help you control, monitor, and optimize the applications running on your cloud. And this enhanced control comes without compromise — employees have self-service access to the scalable infrastructure they need to get the job done, while your Finance, IT and Security departments can maintain oversight on expenditure, controls and compliance.

CenturyLink Private Node delivers best of both public and private cloud solutions

Hybrid Private-Public Deployments

Some business needs demand applications that can span both public and private nodes, with the ability to easily manage the environment from within a unified Control Portal.

CenturyLink Private Node is logically integrated with our Public Cloud, enabling IT organizations to remain agile and responsive. Your IT pros can easily create firewalls between your private cloud and our public locations, and then manage the environment, all from within the Control Portal. Connections with other infrastructure can be made via Direct Connect, or in select locations, with CenturyLink’s Cloud Network Service. And when your IT resources reach the limits of their technical knowledge, there's a unified service engineering team at CenturyLink available to help with support at any level of complexity, and with a wide range of specialization.

Healthcare and HIPAA are a good fit for CenturyLink Private Node


Applications that host patient information, images, or data from clinical trials need to comply with HIPAA and other regulations. The CenturyLink Public Cloud can often meet these requriements, but sometimes a hybrid solution is needed. That’s where our broad portfolio of cloud products, including CenturyLink Private Node, comes in. Our team of experts can work with you to design just the right configuration for your unique requirements — they have extensive experience managing compliance across a variety of standards.

CenturyLink Private Node for Community Cloud solutions

Community Cloud

What exactly is a community cloud? It’s infrastructure shared by multiple organizations with common requirements. That makes it something of a hybrid between the extremes of public cloud (where resources and infrastrucgture are shared by everyone), and private cloud (where resources are dedicated, isolated and single-tenant). CenturyLink Private Node works well for this scenario — offering the best of both public cloud and private cloud functionality. CPN delivers pay-as-you-go flexibility, detailed chargeback features, third party management, as well as support for common security, compliance, and privacy requirements.

Complete application lifecycle management can be delivered on CenturyLink Private Node

Application Lifecycle Management

Developers need self-service tools, automation, and scalability to build great applications — even if those workloads interact with your most sensitive data. Balancing those considerations is a significant challenge for IT departments, who are caught between the need to facilitate development initiatives to meet critical business objectives and the concern for security and control.

CenturyLink Private Node solves this problem by enabling management of the entire application lifecycle, all in a dedicated environment.

CenturyLink Private Node enables a seamless shift from capex to opex for IT expenditures

Shifting from CapEx to OpEx

Businesses are always looking to shift from capital expenses to operational expenses. CenturyLink Private Node is dedicated IaaS — or infrastructure as a service — so it offers enterprises the benefits of an OpEx consumption model. No more investment in hardware and networking. Eliminate the complexities of licensing management. Remove the cumbersome trappings and management of infrastructure. Outsource your computing needs to CenturyLink, and focus on your core competencies instead.

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