Supporting rapid software delivery needs by providing instant access to a high performance, enterprise-hardened MySQL-compatible Relational DB Service instance built on our Hyperscale platform with 100% flash storage.

The benefits of Relational DB Service over DIY self-service database deployment

Focus your resources on more important things, not database management.

CenturyLink Cloud supports developers’ rapid software development needs by offering instant access to a MySQL-compatible Relational DB Service instance. Developers can be up and running in seconds with a high performance MySQL database without worrying about maintaining and monitoring the database and underlying compute infrastructure. As your environment needs grow, easily scale your CPU, Memory and Storage with a click of a button.

Focus on your application development and rest assured that your data is backed up daily so your information will be there when you need it. Secure your data connection and data in transit using our provided SSL certificate.

In addition to being available for consumption as a standalone product, Relational DB Service is also available through AppFog. Check out Resources for more information about getting started with Relational DB Service in AppFog.


Quickly deploy database for agile development access
Fast, Easy Deployment

In today’s fast-paced software development environment, you can’t wait months, days or even hours to provision a database to fulfill your needs. With CenturyLink Cloud’s Relational DB Service, there is no need to struggle through long lead times to set up and configure underlying compute, OS and storage. Forget about finding a database expert to help you tune and harden your database software. CenturyLink’s Relational DB Service product gives you instant access to an enterprise-hardened MySQL-compatible database instance, so you can be loading data and working with your application in a matter of minutes.

Hyperscale delivers high performance Relational DB service
High Performance Infrastructure

CenturyLink’s Relational DB Service product is delivered over Hyperscale instances. Our Hyperscale platform is designed specifically for distributed workloads, particularly for data scale, providing high performance 100% flash SSD local storage, so you can expect a minimum of 15,000 IOPs, with maximum IOPs spiking much higher. This means you can count on lightning-quick response from our Relational DB Service.

Leverage Relational DB Service to Control IT Sprawl

In an enterprise IT environment, it’s common for hundreds or even thousands of copies of databases to be created over time. Relational DB Service is an obvious solution for balancing the increasing need for dynamic databases at the user's discretion while minimizing infrastructure costs.

Relational DB Service Facilitates Self-Service Technology

The challenge for companies has long been how to provide accelerated IT on-demand. Relational DB Service enables customers to provision database environments on-demand without having to purchase new hardware or manage complex licensing models.

Test, Sandbox and Development Environments

In an agile development process, Relational DB Service environments can be employed to simplify the infrastructure footprint and minimize database server sprawl, particularly for test and sandbox environments.

Proof of Concept

Relational DB Service is a great way to test drive a database. Take advantage of the ease speed of deployment. In short order, you’ll have an environment where you can move some portion of your data to test interoperability with your workflow.

Cost Savings from Virtualization

Increased virtualization of higher tiers of IT infrastructure puts added demands on storage, in terms of reliability and availability. Continuous operations, performance, and database manageability become more crucial and require no-compromise solutions. Relational DB Service solves this challenge by providing full-management and instant deployment, removing the hassle and infrastructure concerns from the equation.

Data-Driven Decision Management (DDDM)

A study from the MIT Center for Digital Business found that organizations driven by data-based decision making had 4% higher productivity rates and 6% higher profits. The reliance on databases is key to this business model and has increased the need for improved ways to access, utilize, scale, and extract data. Relational DB Service offers a fast, easy, reliable and secure option to spin up databases to meet these demands.

Reduce Time and Effort Moving from Development to Production

Our Relational DB Service provides a safe and simple way to help transition a database through the application development process. During the development phase, Relational DB Service can provision databases in low-cost configurations geared toward development activities. As the app progresses toward production, the Relational DB Service can seamlessly scale these databases for production, reconfiguring them with higher levels of availability and performance.

Resource hourly monthly
MySQL RDBS - Single Instance - CPU

Price per CPU for a single MySQL RDBS instance

$0.009 $6.48
MySQL RDBS - Single instance - RAM

Price per GB of RAM for a single MySQL RDBS instance

$0.0135 $9.72
MySQL RDBS - Single Instance - Storage

Price per GB of storage for a single MySQL RDBS instance

$0.000403 $0.29
MySQL DBaaS with Replication - CPU

Price per CPU for a MySQL DBaaS instance with replication

$0.018 $12.96
MySQL DBaaS with Replication - RAM

Price per GB of RAM for a MySQL DBaaS instance with replication

$0.027 $19.44
MySQL DBaaS with Replication - Storage

Price per GB of storage for a MySQL DBaaS instance with replication

$0.000806 $0.58
MySQL DBaaS Additional Backup Storage

Price per GB of additional backup storage for a MySQL DBaaS instance

$0.000056 $0.04

Recommended Configurations

Single Instance With Replication
vCPU Ram (GB) Storage (GB) Hourly Monthly Hourly Monthly
1 1 1 $0.0229 $17.04 $0.0458 $32.98
1 2 1 $0.0364 $26.21 $0.0728 $52.42
2 8 64 $0.1516 $109.15 $0.3032 $218.30
4 15 256 $0.3409 $245.45 $0.6818 $490.90
8 30 512 $0.6818 $490.90 $1.3636 $981.79
16 64 664 $1.2736 $916.99 $2.5472 $1833.98


Why Reliable Cloud Performance Matters

Enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure is critical for database performance. CenturyLink Cloud's Hyperscale platform out-performed other high profile competitors in an independent benchmark study by CloudHarmony.

"On Hyperscale, you get persistent storage, high performance, and no charges for IO requests or provisioned IOPS. This results in predictable costs and fewer resources needed to achieve optimal performance."

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