Test-drive a database with Relational DB

Relational DB

A MySQL-compatible database as a service instance.

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Instantly Access a High-Performance MySQL Database

Relational DB supports rapid software delivery needs by providing instant access to a high performance, enterprise-hardened MySQL-compatible database instance built on our high performance platform with 100% flash storage. Get up and running in seconds without worrying about the underlying compute infrastructure of your database. As your needs grow, easily scale your resources with the click of a button.

The benefits of Relational DB Service over DIY self-service database deployment

Benefits of Relational DB

Fast, Easy Deployment

In today’s fast-paced software development environment, you can’t afford long lead times to deploy infrastructure to provision a database. CenturyLink’s Relational DB service gives you instant access to an enterprise-hardened MySQL-compatible database instance, so you can be loading data and working with your application in a matter of minutes.

Lightning Fast Performance

CenturyLink’s Relational DB service is delivered over our high performance platform, designed specifically for distributed workloads, particularly for data scale, providing high performance 100% flash SSD local storage. You can expect a minimum of 15,000 IOPs, with maximum IOPs spiking much higher.

Enables Agile Development

Remaining relevant and competitive requires that organizations adopt agile development processes, as IT departments are under pressure to be even more responsive to business demands. Relational DB supports agility by providing one-click deployment of a fully functional MySQL-compatible database instance.

Relational DB Features

Easy Provisioning

  • One click deployment returns connection string for a MySQL-compatible database
  • Includes replication, if selected
  • No need to provision compute separately
  • Runs on Percona 5.6

Highly Automated

  • Includes DB configuration and daily backups
  • Replication configuration includes auto-failover
  • Automated patching
  • Restore from Backup

Powerful Controls

  • Control backup time and retention
  • Scale subscription resources
  • Perform backups and restores
  • Execute manual failovers
  • Sign up to receive usage notifications

Cost Effective

  • Priced Hourly; no commitments
  • Pay for Compute and Database Resources together
  • Instance pricing starting at $17/month

Use Cases

Test-drive a database with Relational DB

Proof of Concept

Relational DB is a great way to test drive a database. Take advantage of the ease speed of deployment. In short order, you’ll have an environment where you can move some portion of your data to test interoperability with your workflow.

Easily benefit from Data-Driven Decdision Management with Relational DB

Data-Driven Decision Management (DDDM)

A study from MIT found that organizations driven by data-driven decision making had higher productivity rates and higher profits. Reliance on databases is key to this business model and Relational DB offers a fast, easy, reliable and secure option to spin up databases to meet these demands.

Relational DB Enables Rapid Software Delivery of Cloud Native Applications

Rapid Delivery of Cloud Native Apps

The pressure is on IT to deliver software and solutions faster. Developers need to focus on writing great cloud-based applications and not managing infrastructure. With Relational DB and AppFog, infrastructure management is taken care of. AppFog does all the work to bind apps with your Relational DB instance, for increased agility, more efficient use of resources and low operational overhead.

Relational DB seamlessly scales databases for production

Expedite Moving to Production

This service expedites transitioning databases through the application development process. During development, Relational DB can provision databases in low-cost configurations geared toward dev activities. As the app progresses, Relational DB can seamlessly scale databases for production, reconfiguring them with higher levels of availability and performance.

“[CenturyLink Cloud delivers] persistent storage, high performance, and no charges for IO requests or provisioned IOPS. This results in predictable costs and fewer resources needed to achieve optimal performance.” — Cloud Harmony

A free trial with up to $500 in usage

  • No-cost onboarding support from our Cloud Solution Architects
  • Access to CenturyLink Cloud products and services
  • High performance, fast deployment times and intuitive management capabilities that will push your business forward

*We will send a SMS message to verify your account, standard rates apply.

Resource hourly monthly
MySQL RDBS - Single Instance - CPU

Price per CPU for a single MySQL RDBS instance

$0.009 $6.48
MySQL RDBS - Single instance - RAM

Price per GB of RAM for a single MySQL RDBS instance

$0.0135 $9.72
MySQL RDBS - Single Instance - Storage

Price per GB of storage for a single MySQL RDBS instance

$0.000403 $0.29
MySQL DBaaS with Replication - CPU

Price per CPU for a MySQL DBaaS instance with replication

$0.018 $12.96
MySQL DBaaS with Replication - RAM

Price per GB of RAM for a MySQL DBaaS instance with replication

$0.027 $19.44
MySQL DBaaS with Replication - Storage

Price per GB of storage for a MySQL DBaaS instance with replication

$0.000806 $0.58
MySQL DBaaS Additional Backup Storage

Price per GB of additional backup storage for a MySQL DBaaS instance

$0.000056 $0.04

Recommended Configurations

Single Instance With Replication
vCPU Ram (GB) Storage (GB) Hourly Monthly Hourly Monthly
1 1 1 $0.0229 $17.04 $0.0458 $32.98
1 2 1 $0.0364 $26.21 $0.0728 $52.42
2 8 64 $0.1516 $109.15 $0.3032 $218.30
4 15 256 $0.3409 $245.45 $0.6818 $490.90
8 30 512 $0.6818 $490.90 $1.3636 $981.79
16 64 664 $1.2736 $916.99 $2.5472 $1833.98

Join the 60-Day Microsoft SQL Beta

Relational DB for Microsoft SQL is in Beta

  • Free Beta for up to 60 days.
  • Available in IL1. Expanded locations to come.
  • Single instance on Windows OS.
  • Private routing.
  • Daily backups hed for 7 days.
  • Configurable backup time.
  • Consumption alert notifications.

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