Relational DB for MSSQL

A Microsoft SQL database as a service instance.

Deploy an Enterprise Microsoft SQL Relational Database Immediately

Relational DB facilitates agile development by delivering fast access to an enterprise-hardened, high performance Microsoft SQL database instance. You don't have to be concerned with building out physical infrastructure for your database, since our service is delivered on our fast and powerful cloud platform. You'll have a fully-functioning database, provisioned on your own private network, in a matter of minutes.

Comparing Relational DB to managing a database yourself

Benefits of Relational DB

Quick Deployment

Contemporary software development demands ever-increasing responsiveness. Most IT departments simply can’t afford the time it takes to deploy physical database infrastructure. Our Relational DB service offers an obvious alternative, providing quick access to an enterprise-hardened Microsoft SQL database instance on your private network. This means your team can be loading data and developing applications in a no time.

Blazing Fast Performance

To achieve the best possible performance, Lumen’s Relational DB service is delivered on our high performance cloud platform. This platform was designed specifically for distributed workloads and data scale and delivers minimum 15,000 IOPs.

Agile Development-Friendly

Enterprises and organizations today are shifting more and more toward agile development, as IT departments and dev teams are under constant pressure to be increasingly responsive to business demands. Leverage Relational DB for agility, by gaining access to a fully functional Microsoft SQL database instance with single-click deployment.

MSSQL Relational DB Features

  • Runs MSSQL 2016: Enterprise, Standard and Web Editions
  • Operates on Windows OS 2016
  • One screen configuration, single click to begin the database build
  • Database/VM provisioned with latest, fully-patched version
  • Provisioned to Customer’s private network
  • Replication with push button failover (optional)
  • Consistent connection string in the event of a failover
  • Point-in-Time Restores
  • Daily database backups and incremental translogs backups
  • Manage backup time and retention rules; 1 to 35 days of retention
  • Perform manual backups and restores
  • Scale CPU, RAM, and Storage resources independently in single increments
  • Comprehensive proactive monitoring for OS level events; alerts go to Relational DB team to triage
  • Sign up to receive alert notifications
  • View logs real-time
  • Server metrics available in real-time & historic graphs (CPU, Disk, RAM)
  • Critical security patching
  • Easily clone a MSSQL Server Instance
  • Action Log history
  • Dashboard view of all databases
  • All Relational databases billed together
  • External APIs to customize automation
  • Hourly pricing for all infrastructure costs
  • Connect to the database with client of choice

Use Cases

Database proofs of concept with Relational DB

Facilitate Proofs of Concept

You can quickly and easily test drive a Microsoft SQL database with Lumen Cloud's Relational DB Service. With a single click, you'll have a cloud environment available to test database interoperability with your workflow. Don't tie up precious IT resources – either human or infrastructure – to build out a database you are likely to only need for a few weeks or months. With Relational DB Service, you can be testing your MS SQL database proof of concept in minutes.

Relational DB Enables Rapid Software Delivery of Cloud Native Applications

Control IT Sprawl

In an enterprise IT environment, it’s common for hundreds or even thousands of copies of databases to be created over time. Sitting idle, consuming on-premises infrastructure, these forgotten relics can equal millions of dollars of wasted CapEx. As Big Data becomes the norm, DB infrastructure management has become increasingly complicated. Relational DB Service is an obvious solution for balancing the increasing need for dynamic databases at the user's discretion while minimizing infrastructure costs.

Relational DB saves on database costs

Cost Savings from Virtualization

Recent hypervisor advancements such as significantly larger memory and I/O capabilities provide enhanced performance and scalability. This allows IT departments to consider a much broader set of applications as candidates for virtualization, and to realize the cost savings that virtualization offers. Companies are virtualizing all kinds of apps and their databases, including test, development and mission-critical DBs. Along with this come higher demands, which Relational DB Service is designed to deliver.

Relational DB is ideal for dev/test

Ease Shifting from Dev to Production

Relational DB Service provides a safe and simple way to help transition a database through the application development process. During development, you can provision Microsoft SQL databases in low-cost configurations geared toward dev activities. As the application evolves, seamlessly scale these databases for production, reconfiguring them with higher levels of availability and performance. Or just turn off any instances that you don’t need once you’re out of dev/test.

Resource hourly monthly
MSSQL DBaaS Additional Backup Storage

Price per GB of additional backup storage for a MSSQL DBaaS instance

$0.000055 $0.04
MSSQL DBaaS with Replication - CPU

Price per CPU for a MSSQL DBaaS instance with replication

$0.09872 $71.08
MSSQL DBaaS with Replication - RAM

Price per GB of RAM for a MSSQL DBaaS instance with replication

$0.027 $19.44
MSSQL DBaaS with Replication - Storage

Price per GB of storage for a MSSQL DBaaS instance with replication

$0.000806 $0.58
MSSQL RDBS - Single Instance - CPU

Price per CPU for a single MSSQL RDBS instance

$0.04936 $35.54
MSSQL RDBS - Single instance - RAM

Price per GB of RAM for a single MSSQL RDBS instance

$0.0135 $9.72
MSSQL RDBS - Single Instance - Storage

Price per GB of storage for a single MSSQL RDBS instance

$0.000403 $0.29
MSSQL DBaaS - Web Edition Software

MSSQL DBaaS - Web Edition Software, per vCPU (minimum 4, increments of 2)

MSSQL DBaaS - Standard Edition Software

MSSQL DBaaS - Standard Edition Software, per vCPU (minimum 4, increments of 2)

MSSQL DBaaS - Enterprise Edition Software

MSSQL DBaaS - Enterprise Edition Software, per vCPU (minimum 4, increments of 2)


MSSQL Software: 4 vCPU minimum as per Microsoft Licensing Rules

Recommended Configurations

Monthly Prices Displayed

MSSQL Web MSSQL Standard MSSQL Enterprise
vCPU Ram (GB) Storage (GB) Single Instance With Replication Single Instance With Replication Single Instance With Replication
2 8 need-based * $180.84 $329.68 $648.84 $797.68 $1,908.84 $2,057.68
4 32 need-based * $485.20 $938.39 $953.20 $1,406.39 $2,213.20 $2,666.39
4 64 need-based * $796.24 $1,560.47 $1,264.24 $2,028.47 $2,524.24 $3,288.47
8 128 need-based * $1,592.47 $3,120.95 $2,528.47 $4,056.95 $5,048.47 $6,576.95

* Storage pricing not included; instance need will vary.

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