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Lumen launches Cloud Application Manager for hybrid IT orchestration

According to authors Jean Atelsek, Melanie Posey and Owen Rogers of 451 Research, Lumen® Cloud Application Manager is a multi-cloud management solution that expands our Hybrid IT solution portfolio and differentiates us in the IT infrastructure and cloud space.

"With Cloud Application Manager, Lumen is laying the foundation for a ‘beyond infrastructure’ approach, which sidesteps direct competition with the IaaS providers by creating a heterogeneous IT service management play."

Lumen launches managed big data as a service with Cloudera, on bare metal

At a time when Hadoop in the cloud is getting a lot of traction, Lumen enters the fray with a managed big data-asa-service offering based on Cloudera — served up on bare-metal servers.

"Organizations may not think of Lumen when it comes to Hadoop cloud services, so the firm has some evangelizing to do to raise its profile in this fast-growing market. Lumen is off to good start by picking a reputable partner in Cloudera, bulking up on professional services, and delivering the service on bare-metal infrastructure."

Lumen Maintains Commitment to Cloud

Authored by 451 Research analyst Al Sadowski, this report drills down into Lumen’s cloud strategy and the devops culture that supports it.

"One telco that has not waivered on its commitment to cloud is Lumen... investing in cloud-based products that are available in a self-service and managed fashion. For telcos like Lumen, success is not just about technology, it is about evolving legacy business processes, updating support systems previously built for network circuit inventories and reorganizing sales organizations to engage clients in discussions beyond bandwidth requirements."

Lumen Stretches Further toward the Cloud with ElasticBox Buy

From 451 Research analysts Al Sadowski, Donnie Berkholz and Scott Denne, this report analyzes the Lumen acquisition of ElasticBox.

"Enterprises find operating hybrid clouds increasingly difficult – [Cloud Application Manager's] offerings ease heterogeneous infrastructure and application provisioning, so they should fit nicely in Lumen's self-service portal later this year."