DDoS Mitigation Services

Global traffic scrubbing backed by threat intelligence.

Application availability, website uptime and infrastructure accessibility

Provide valuable security protection for SaaS applications

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are happening more frequently — 53 percent of organizations report they're seeing more than 51 attacks per month — up from 44 percent last year. Organization in the Financial Services, Hosting/E-Commerce and Government sectors are top targets.

Regardless of Internet provider, mitigating today’s sophisticated DDoS attacks requires high-capacity, regionally distributed scrubbing centers combined with network controls to help reduce latency and maintain performance.

To detect and block traffic flood attacks aimed at crashing or reducing availability of servers, applications, websites, and networks, Lumen DDoS Mitigation

Service is a cloud-based system designed to absorb malicious traffic via a dozen globally distributed scrubbing centers during a DDoS attack and forward only legitimate traffic to the customer’s internet facing addresses.

Combining enhanced network routing, rate limiting and IP filtering, mitigation is performed in one of two modes:

  • Always-on: All traffic is permanently routed to scrubbing centers then clean traffic is returned to customer locations
  • On-demand: Traffic is normally routed directly to customer locations. When an attack occurs, routing changes are made to redirect all traffic to scrubbing centers, then clean traffic is returned to customer locations.

DDoS Benefits

  • Improved Performance. Leverage Lumen resources (experts, knowledge, systems, etc.) to provide DDoS protection/mitigation and increased operational efficiency by helping to ensure that your website, core applications and infrastructure remain secure and available.
  • Greater Security. Comprehensive DDoS protection and mitigation, with defenses against a wide range of attack types and sizes with a number of solutions for any business, securing your infrastructure and applications from layers 3-7.
  • Global & Scalable. Solutions supporting networks of any size and in any location globally, providing the ability to grow with your business, supporting any number of sites and any amount of attack traffic. As your business needs change, we can help you adapt your DDoS mitigation solution. In Latin America, protects Lumen Managed Hosting, Private and Public Cloud platforms.
  • Reduced Cost. Minimize upfront capital expenditures and lower your cost per unit by utilizing shared infrastructure, pay only for what you consume, Reduce your capital outlay and control headcount/IT staff with these managed solutions, while providing multiple protection and mitigation options for any IT budget.
  • Extensive Visibility. Our global IP, CDN, and DNS networks provide extensive visibility into attack traffic. We correlate this data with threat intelligence from our MSS practice and third party sources to protect our customers against advancing threats.
  • Simplify IT Management. Leverage Lumen's skilled resources to eliminate ongoing monitoring and management of security systems, infrastructure, applications, etc., freeing up IT/Security Staff to focus on strategic projects.

DDoS Features

  • 85 Tbps of Flowspec network-based mitigation capacity
  • Volumetric and application-layer attack mitigation
  • Route traffic through scrubbing centers
  • Proactive and reactive mitigation offered
  • Routed or proxy mitigation
  • GRE, Internet Direct, and IP VPN Direct clean traffic return
  • Proactive attack notifications
  • Proxy: Proprietary human behavioral analytics to block layer 7 attacks
  • Support for hybrid mitigation using cloud signaling
  • Routed solution supports IPv4 or IPv6 traffic mitigation

Use Cases

Staying Ahead of Security Threats

The longer it takes to detect a cyberattack, the more harm it can cause. During a breach, attacks can conduct surveillance and steal data from your organization, increasing the cost and consequences.

Network Routing Controls Threats

Lumen protection extends beyond DDoS scrubbing to include controlling threats through network routing, filtering and rate limiting, providing relief from volumetric and application based attacks.

High Stakes for Online Businesses

The stakes have never been higher for businesses that rely on websites and applications to generate even a small portion of revenue. Every business must have a strategy for how to protect against these malicious attacks.

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