DDoS Mitigation Use Cases

Security threats are more and more advanced

Stay Ahead of Advanced Security Threats

Timing is everything when dealing with cyberattacks — the longer it takes to detect the attack, the more time a threat can mature and access data. During a breach, agents behind these attacks can conduct surveillance, steal data, and spy on your organization, all of which increases the cost and the consequences of an attack.

Collecting logs and alerts on possible security breaches against your IT infrastructure is not enough. Locating, analyzing, and mitigating malicious attacks requires swift and accurate action. As such, organizations need enhanced network routing, rate limiting and IP filtering with advanced network-based mitigation. This is exactly what you get with Lumen’s DDos Mitigation.

When both data and timing are key factors, relying on a service like Lumen’s DDoS Mitigation is paramount. It provides high-capacity, regionally distributed scrubbing centers combined with network controls to help reduce latency and maintain performance, and is a carrier-agnostic solution. It pulls customer traffic through route redirection (BGP advertisement redirect or DNS redirect) onto Lumen’s global scrubbing centers for mitigation and cleansing.

To defend against a variety of attack types, it’s essential to deploy a multi-layered security approach backed by extensive threat research. Our flexible managed service can proactively detect and mitigate threatsto help employees, partners and customers deliver superior results.

Network Routing

Control Threats Through Network Routing

Lumen protection extends beyond DDoS scrubbing to include the ability to control threats through network routing, filtering and rate limiting, providing relief from volumetric and application based attacks from layers 3–7.

Subscribers to DDos Mitigation gain early detection and notification of attacks. We monitor customer edge routers directly or Lumen’s network edge routers if we are the internet provider. Our 24/7 Security Operations Center will detect anomalies in volumetric flows, perform impact analyses and notify your personnel of threatening conditions.

Lumen’s global IP, CDN and DNS networks provide extensive visibility into attack traffic and advancing threats. With the ability to access our mitigation network from over 200 POPs globally, DDos Mitigation can provide better performance and improved latency of cleansed, returned internet traffic to the customers.

Monitoring Geo-Patterns

High Stakes for Online Businesses

The stakes have never been higher for businesses that rely on websites and applications to generate even a small portion of revenue. Every business must have a strategy for how to protect against these malicious attacks.

DDoS attacks have emerged as the weapon of choice for cybercriminals and can result in prolonged outages for services like ecommerce, simple site function, online bill pay, and even VoIP telephony.

As DDoS attacks have evolved, their sophistication has advanced. Launching complex DDoS attacks has become easier for hacktivists and cybercriminals, and they have devastating effects on businesses that are not protected against them.

Lumen’s DDos Mitigation Services minimizes the impact of attacks by providing protection at the core-router level, re-routing potential attack traffic to one or more cleansing centers. By addressing attacks quickly, downtime and the added cost of bandwidth-spikes commonly associated with DDoS attacks can be reduced.

Because DDoS Mitigation makes use of network-based infrastructure, there is no hardware or software required within your environment, thereby reducing your overall dedicated infrastructure costs.

Application availability, website uptime and infrastructure accessibility are all critical for business continuity. Every minute of downtime can result in lost productivity and revenue.