Threat Management Services

Reduce exposure, ensure compliance, and safeguard workloads.

Continuously discover and track workload exposure to attacks

Reconnaissance is the first step in the cyber kill chain. You must scan for the same vulnerabilities in your workloads that hackers are constantly searching for, to begin the remediation process and to mitigate exposure to threats. Lumen supports customers in this self-surveillance activity by managing vulnerability scan appliances, deployed on premises or in hosted data centers and configuring policies that meet stringent needs for timely reporting of software defect and configuration vulnerabilities.

Provided as a fully managed service, without the hardware, software and maintenance requirements of performing this in-house, Lumen’s Threat Management Service supports Qualys Vulnerability Management solutions to perform routine scans across hybrid networks. Our Threat Management Service reduces exposure, ensures regulatory compliance, and safeguards workloads, allowing customers to focus on their business priorities.

Vulnerabilities are found faster, and network impact is minimal, with no scan windows, credentials, or firewall changes needed. Tailor alerts so you are notified about general changes or specific circumstances so problems can be addressed before they become breaches. Fast deployment, unsurpassed accuracy, and advanced scalability offer hybrid IT environments next generation vulnerability management and comprehensive protection.

Continuously discover and track workload exposure to attacks.

Threat Management Services Benefits

  • Full clarity into data center assets
  • Identifies vulnerabilities and prioritizes remediation
  • Efficaciously identify workload exposure to cyber threats
  • Drive remediation workflow with meaningful data
  • Continuously monitors environment and assesses IT compliance
  • Flags traffic anomalies and compromise indicators
  • Satisfies regulatory compliance requirements
  • Access to information security experts 24x7

Threat Management Services Features

  • Qualys scanners deployed in Lumen managed hosting centers
  • Correlation of scan results with Lumen-managed Cisco IPS events
  • OpEx pricing model charged per IP address
  • Unlimited monthly scans
  • Portal reporting of scan results
  • Automated vulnerability scanning
  • Managed scan appliances maintained with updated vulnerabilities

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