Stay Compliant with PCI-DSS Requirements

Stay Compliant with PCI-DSS Requirements

If your organization is subject to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS), requirement #6.6 mandates that you deploy either a Web application firewall in front of your public-facing Web applications or automated application vulnerability security assessment tools/ methodologies.

With Lumen® Web Application Firewall, you can keep your SaaS-enabled applications running smoothly by protecting them against potential attacks while providing your organization with a tool to help it adhere to its compliance requirements.

Web Application Firewall delivers a range of defenses to surround your applications with the powerful security they need. These solutions learn to recognize typical user behavior and application features so they can identify suspicious activity. You manage your service and can see the firewall at work using the online portal, viewing statistics and adjusting management settings as you see fit.

Digital Transformation can compromise security

Digital Transformation Without Compromising Security

Digital Transformation and rapid provisioning enable service activation and the addition of new tasks and clients in minutes or hours, rather than days, weeks, or even months.

To remain competitive in this digital landscape, organizations must undergo changes in the way they conduct business, and must find solutions that help them keep pace without compromising security of their data and network.

For businesses that rely on SaaS applications to power mission-critical CRM, human resources, employee benefits, accounting, billing and e-mail, Web Application Firewall provides valuable security protection at an affordable cost. Lumen® Web Application Firewall delivers robust application protection to keep applications running smoothly while allowing your business to adhere to industry and compliance requirements.

Customers depend on enterprises for their ability to protect and safeguard them and their data from cyber threats. Locating and securing that protection is a real-world challenge, especially in an age where attacks are more sophisticated and occur more often than ever. As such, incident response times and their associated costs increase, too.

Lumen's Managed Security Services Portal helps businesses expand and strengthen their offerings and portfolios by delivering automated and targeted threat management and threat intelligence on a highly interactive and immediate platform. By leveraging this in conjunction with a dedicated and trained staff of professionals to deal with cyber threats, businesses can better position themselves to remain operational and in compliance, especially if these resources are scarce.

By engaging in proactive and actionable threat intelligence practices, businesses can identify the most dangerous and recurring threat patterns well before they compromise a network or system and build threat management strategies in real-time.

Global Businesses

Extra Protection for Global Businesses

Global businesses face increasing global security threats. Open network, mobile workforces, and shared data with business partners and suppliers increase your connectivity, but expose risk across all these aspects.

Hackers and cybercriminals are continuously looking for ways to infiltrate your websites and applications. If successful, they can steal your application data, compromise your users and customers, bring down your entire website and wreak havoc on your business.

Lumen® Web Application Firewall accurately pinpoints and blocks attacks without blocking your customers. WAF offers dynamic ongoing website protection, allowing application transactions only from authorized users and protecting critical data from a variety of attacks, such as hacking, phishing, site scraping, cross-site scripting and parameter tampering.