Business Applications

CenturyLink Cloud was purpose-built for the full range of business apps – collaboration, legacy, greenfield, and more.

All signs point to continued cloud adoption in the years ahead. And as organizations mature their strategy, many are looking for more refined alternatives. Specifically, people like you are looking for cloud services that are natively equipped to handle advanced enterprise requirements.

That’s where the CenturyLink Cloud fits in. Whether you’re looking to offload a few virtual machines or migrate a larger chunk of your enterprise workload, our infrastructure and management tools offer you a more enterprise-ready path to the cloud.

Business Applications Best Suited to the CenturyLink Cloud

CenturyLink's cloud services – infrastructure, and Runner infrastracture automation service, and powerful built-in cloud management capabilities – are designed to support a variety of business apps.

Web Apps

Virtual servers from CenturyLink Cloud offer native load balancing and other features to ensure maximum uptime for your online properties. Our products offer stringent security and compliance for online payments and user data. Our infrastructure automation tool, Runner, facilitates provisioning, interaction and modification of IT environments, in any cloud or data center.

New, Cloud-Native Enterprise Applications

Creating new apps without violating IT policies can be harder than it looks. This is the ideal scenario for CenturyLink Cloud, since our platform natively includes many features that other cloud providers require you to piece together from different vendors. With our suite of cloud products, you’re able to achieve cloud scale, elasticity, and self-service without compromise. And services like Runner and Relational DB assist in rapid application development by removing the distraction of managing infrastructure.

Database Apps

CenturyLink’s high-performance, secure infrastructure – backed by a 99.99% SLA – supports the most demanding database applications. Storage options include support for up to 20,000 IOPS, resulting in superior performance.

Legacy Apps

Move applications from an internal data center to the CenturyLink Cloud. Our product catalog features numerous offerings to ensure compliance with existing IT policies, as well as support for secure networking via VPN and Direct Connect.

Messaging & Collaboration

Host your messaging and collaboration applications – SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, and more – with confidence on CenturyLink Cloud. Highly elastic and scalable infrastructure supports large enterprise deployments.

SaaS Applications

Software-as-a-Service applications are an obvious fit for Cloud. CenturyLink Cloud offers the scale, reliability and orchestration tools that SaaS implementations demand.

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