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Our cloud solutions leverage the latest advancements in technology while maintaining true compatibility with existing IT capabilities.

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Our Approach

We help our customers stay agile with solutions designed to meet your business needs — today and in the future.

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Technology and Support for the Enterprise

Our infrastructure, IT experts, proven processes, and engaged account managers will prepare your business for success with 24/7 support and disaster recovery plans you can depend on.

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Activate your Lumen Cloud account now and you’ll have immediate access to most self-service products and features, including high-performance servers, fast deployment times and intuitive management capabilities to push your business or project forward.

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Real-World Experience that Works with You

At Lumen, we’re focused on making businesses agile so they can quickly adapt and take advantage of market opportunities. We’re the technology partner for some of the world’s largest businesses, helping them reduce their time to market, enable a distributed workforce and gain a competitive edge through digital transformation.

Together, we’ll identify the right blend of IT services that are right for you, work for you, and are customized to your specific business and IT needs today and in the future. You’ll receive total support from our experienced account, engineering, IT services, and service support teams.

We offer a full range of IT infrastructure, application, connectivity, and service solutions.

This allows enterprises to leverage the latest advancements in technology while building on existing IT capabilities. We’ll accelerate your return on technology investments, reduce business risk and ultimately transform IT into a driver of business growth.

  • Hybrid IT: We view Hybrid IT as a collaboration between us. When selectively outsourcing workloads or infrastructure, one size doesn’t fit all. We recognize that certain components of your IT landscape must remain in house. Or, you may have certain elements hosted with another provider. That’s OK.
  • Networking: Our next-generation network’s seamless connectivity gives customers a direct, reliable connection to IT resources, applications, data, data centers, managed hosting, and the cloud.
  • Managed Hosting: Our Dedicated Hosting is ideal for the hybrid IT environment. We’ll help you control costs, scale on demand, and be secure with Managed Servers, Storage, Application Management, and Service Management.
  • Cloud Services: For your entire application portfolio, our Cloud Services are highly scalable, elastic, and “pay as you go” Hybrid IT friendly.
  • Security: Security is foundational to all of our solutions. We’re committed to helping you protect your corporate assets. We exceed the standards of even our most demanding customer — the U.S. Government. You’ll get continuous improvement through continuous monitoring that provides layers of protection for comprehensive device management, threat intelligence and incident response. Everything is location agnostic, scalable, and easily integrated with existing infrastructure.

We’re committed to your success through choice, flexibility, and strong project management.

With Lumen as your partner in supporting your business and IT strategy, you’ll have access to infrastructure, IT human resources, proven processes, and engaged account managers who care about your business needs — all backed by our experience and expertise in integrating and optimizing solutions for hybrid IT models.

This enables you to align your technology capabilities with the needs of business. You get the best combination of your traditional IT with additional capabilities that your IT may not be able to deliver on its own.

We build customer relationships and solutions for your long-term business success.

In a recent CEO survey with more than 1,700 respondents, 71% identified technology as the number one factor that will drive company success. We have helped our large client list reduce risk by improving operations, increasing agility, and reducing total cost of ownership. We continue to make investments and attain skills in the latest technology solutions so our customers can stay up-to-date without worrying about the next set of skills, the next upgrade, or a shift in technology.