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Knowledge Base  /  Dedicated Cloud Compute  /  General

Dedicated Cloud Compute Domain Name Service (DNS) and IP Addresses

Article Code: kb/244

DNS and IP Address services available with Dedicated Cloud Compute include:

  • Authoritative domain name service
  • Backup domain name service and address space sub-delegation
  • DNS name resolving (caching) service
  • Domain registration service for new domains
  • Domain modification service for existing domains
  • IP allocation and assignment service (public addresses) through ARIN, APNIC or RIPE

If ordered by Customer, Lumen will use commercially reasonable efforts to assign Internet address space for the benefit of Customer during their Service Term. Any IP addresses and space provided to Customer by Lumen are solely for Customer’s use with the Service, and are non-portable and non-transferable. Neither Customer nor any End Users will own or route any IP addresses or space provided by Lumen, and, upon any termination of Service, Customer’s access to such IP addresses and space will cease.