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New DCC UI Release Notes: July 26, 2017

Updated by Anthony Hakim on Jul 26, 2017
Article Code: kb/189


  • Global Navigation: More improvements switching between other Lumen services.
  • Order Expiration: Saved orders that have not been updated for 8 days will automatically expire and release the resources that were reserved. Saved orders shown as expiring soon should be updated or deployed to prevent them from having to be recreated after they expire.
  • Price Changes: When deploying a saved order, any price changes that have occurred will be displayed and must be confirmed before deployment starts.
  • Create Server: When manually entering an IP address, the subnet will be pre-filled automatically.
  • Saved Orders: A deploy action shortcut is now available without first expanding the saved order row.

Bug Fixes and General Updates

  • Included improvements to the user feedback after a form is submitted for processing.
  • Resolved: Internet Explorer currently cannot display the Global Navigation menu. The Global Navigation menu now works correctly in IE.
  • Resolved: Versions before IE11 may experience errors that prevent the DCC UI from loading. The DCC UI in versions prior to IE11 now load correctly.
  • Resolved: Metrics related to disk size/space/utilization may show incorrect data. Metric data now displays correctly.