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Platform Enablement Outbound Email Communication Protocol

Updated by Lyza Latham on Jun 26, 2018
Article Code: kb/491

The Lumen Platform Enablement Team produces the following newsletters that are designed to inspire users, developers and partners to engage and solve problems with our platform. They are:

  • Ramp - Targeted at new users of the platform
  • View - Targeted at seasoned users of the platform
  • Code - Targeted at developers of the platform
  • Link - Targeted to internal Lumen audiences only to highlight platform success

Also, a few other products leverage Platform Enablement to produce product-specific newsletters for their technical audiences

  • Managed Services delivers a periodic newsletter (Internal Only)
  • CTA Corner goes out monthly to communicate updates from the Cloud Technical Advisor teams (Internal Only)

The Platform Enablement Outbound Email Program following the principles of Permission Based Marketing. Individuals only received these newsletters once Explicit Consent is obtained. Explicit Consent is obtained in the following ways:

  • Establishment of a new account on Lumen Cloud through the online activation mechanism.
  • The opt-into one of the signup widgets on
  • Being an existing customer of Lumen at the time the Outbound Email Program was established.
    • The Platform Enablement Outbound Email Program is fully compliant with US Anti-Spam Law, Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) & European Union Regulations governing electronic communications (Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive). As such, all emails:
      • Clearly indicate the email is being sent by Lumen.
      • Contain a Unsubscrible Link.
      • Contain a link to Lumen's Privacy Policy.

In addition to the Platform Enablement Outbound Email Communications, our Customer Support Team will periodically send out Specical Announcments with respect to the status of our platform or data centers. For instance, our Customer Care Team will proactively send email communications to customers affected by planned maintainence or an incident ongoing in one of our data centers.

  • Explicit Consent is also obtained for Special Announcements. Consent is collected via the following vehicles for Special Announcements:
  • Consent to newsletters is not assumed to infer consent to Special Announcements.

The final type of email communication sent by the Platform Enablement team surrounds Service End Of Life (EOL) messaging. We are legally bound to provide customer notification when a product(s) or service(s) is being terminated. In these cases, the responsible Product Owner(s) provide lists of affected customers. These communications may be sent as Operational Emails, which bypass the "opt-out" or "do-not-mail" declaration of the individual customer record.

NOTE: As Lumen offers a Hybrid IT Delivery Platform that has many built-in reseller features, many of our customers are channel partners or internal corporate development groups who may not even know Lumen Cloud is powering their infrastructure. As a result, we make every effort NOT to send communications to downstream customers of resellers. However, if one of those customers adds an account directly on the platform, or purposefully opts-in via one of the methods mentioned above, Lumen has no way of reactively excluding them unless the reseller informs us.