Lumen Network Storage

Physically implemented storage pods located throughout the network,
enabling real-time data action at the Edge.

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Solving latency issues for ubiquitous data created by connected devices at the edges of your network requires data centers that are managed as a whole rather than in in silos. Lumen Network Storage is a first-of-its-kind solution that places storage in the network, within milliseconds of your data. The closer data centers are to data, the lower the latency and the better the consumer experience.

Lumen Network Storage enables storage for Edge Cloud applications.

Because storage is built into the network, storage at the edge can have the power to ingest data, reduce data, take snapshots, make smart decisions about how and where to move data, and send simultaneous copies to multiple locations. Lumen Network Storage provides enterprise grade storage wherever businesses need it.

Driven by the need to maintain consistent, predictable performance within an optimal cost structure, Lumen Network Storage is flexible: Pay for storage only when it's needed, scale up or down, and try out new expansions while mitigating cost and risk.*

*Pay-as-you-go Pricing available in limited locations.

Improved Customer Experience

Branch offices, worksites, retail stores and restaurant chains can receive faster and more efficient updates to create a better customer experience because Lumen Network Storage brings cloud capabilities of compute and storage to data wherever it is. Faster updates for personalized offers, more efficient analytics because data is reduced at the edge before being sent, and better productivity for sharing the data across sites and across development teams.

Lumen Network Storage brings cloud capabilities of compute and storage to data wherever it is

Maximum uptime by leveraging Managed Services Anywhere.

Real-Time Ingest, Updates

Making data easier to integrate and aggregate while getting very low latency in a secure network are critical to a successful data strategy. Collect more data, do more with it, and get a real competitive advantage with a new solution for accessing, storing and processing. Real-time ingest and updates where data is consumed means business processes can be implemented in milliseconds.

Lumen Network Storage distributes data to multiple locations from the Network Storage Pod.

Faster Development, Testing

Modern app development creates storage issues for managing datasets that may only exist temporarily. Rapid repeated cycling and testing requires fast provisioning, movement and release of storage. Lumen Network Storage eases the pain by allowing distribution of data to multiple locations faster and more efficiently from the Network Storage node.

Managed Services Anywhere helps save on operational overhead

Built-In Protection

Businesses need to consider mitigation from security threats such as ransomware, as well as consistent recovery options from natural disasters and outages. Flexible point-in-time snapshots and replication options improve your disaster recovery strategy and provide additional protection. Rewind to previous versions, or switch and sync to other versions.

Lumen Network Storage Features

  • Storage fabric nodes throughout the network
  • Two tiers to accommodate a wide range of performance requirements
  • New portal interface for simple orchestrated provisioning
  • Smart data reduction techniques to increase storage efficiency and reduce replication time
  • Smart policies automate (with thresholds) during spikes and slowdowns
  • Point-in-time snapshots
  • Manage all storage, across multiple nodes from a single management interface
  • Reduces complexity
  • Adapts to multiple platforms
  • Constrain copies within selected geographical area
  • Support archiving and backup

Use Cases

Lumen Network Storage brings storage to within milliseconds of wherever data is created and consumed
Faster Application Development, Testing

Application development creates new storage issues that require new storage solutions. Managing datasets that may exist only temporarily, and rapid, repeated cycling and testing require fast provisioning, movement and release of storage on demand.

Network storage brings cloud computing and storage capabilities to wherever data is
Improve Customer Experience

Having more data isn’t the only challenge when considering storage solutions. There’s also how this growing volume of data is created and consumed — at the edge, often by machines, and in larger datasets for content like online videos, healthcare machines, and game applications.

Data from connected vehicles will strain networks without new computing and storage solutions
Ease Strain from Connected Vehicles

Data transmissions from connected vehicles will put an increasing strain on network infrastructure without new computing and storage solutions. By 2023, 90 percent of all vehicles shipped in the U.S. and 70 percent worldwide will be shipped with factory-installed or "embedded" connectivity.

By 2025, nearly 30% of all data generated will be consumed in real time. Over the next three years, 70% of enterprises are likely to adopt dynamic software-defined branch and network solutions that deliver security and flexibility across cloud, data center and edge interactions.

CenturyLink Network Storage Premium Tier

Per GB stored.
3,501-30,000 IOPs

$0.30 / GB
CenturyLink Network Storage Standard Tier

Per GB stored.
1,000 to 3,500 IOPs.

$0.29 / GB

Price displayed is the starting monthly cost.

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