Next-Generation Object Storage

Designed for the enterprise: highly available, with automatic replication


For large-scale cloud applications, object storage is far more efficient than hierarchical file systems. To this end, Lumen Cloud offers enterprise-grade object storage. Our cloud servers store and manage your files in a highly-scalable, fault-tolerant distributed datastore.

Data is stored in an object storage region in a highly available and fault tolerant manner. When your data is saved, it is done so using an industry-standard and highly-redundant method. Additionally, your data is replicated to an additional data center ​in the same region​ using the same redundant methods. This combination of redundancy and replication yields a robust and always-on object storage solution.



Rebuilt with the newest technology, the experience is better than ever. Our next-generation object storage is more reliable and provides better performance while maintaining the familiar S3 interface.

S3-compatible API and Authentication

Already have S3 code written? Re-deploy it with Lumen — our API supports service, bucket and object-level operations. Our object storage is compatible with most S3 file management utilities as well; see the Resources below for recommended programs.

Storage for Large Objects

Store any type of file in the Lumen Cloud – multimedia, documents, database backups, archives and more. Supports direct uploads for files up to 5 GB; larger objects may be stored in the Lumen Cloud using multipart file uploads.

High Availability

Object storage from Lumen stores multiple copies of your object natively, so high availability is already built-in.

Storage for Cloud-Native Apps

Most new applications built on web services require the flexibility and high availability of object storage. Use object storage from Lumen to host multimedia files and much more – all featuring high availability.

Long Term Storage of Static Data

Object storage is ideal for off-site archiving of static data. Store files for a low monthly fee, and recall them at any time using HTTP.

Secure, Managed File Transfer

Email is problematic for large file transfers, and many free utilities don’t offer the level of security and protection enterprises often need. Object storage from Lumen is a much more secure alternative.

Read more about Object Storage Use Cases

Object Storage

Flexible, scalable storage that's S3 compatible. Highly available large file storage accessible via HTTP, with automatic multi-site replication.

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