Cloud Network Services

CenturyLink Cloud Network Services is the suite of network connectivity options provided by CenturyLink, CenturyLink Technology Solutions, and CenturyLink Cloud.

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Cloud Network Services Reference Architecture diagram

IQ is CenturyLink’s MPLS product. CenturyLink Cloud utilizes this product to provide private Layer 3 network connectivity between cloud sites. This product can also be utilized by customers to provide a private network path between customer premise equipment and their CenturyLink Cloud services.

Network Attached Storage

NAShare is CenturyLink Technology Solutions full featured, file-based, pay as you go Network Attached Storage solution. This solution provides on network access via Managed Servers, Co-Location customers, and CenturyLink Cloud Server instances.


HAN is CenturyLink Technology Solutions managed hosting network. This is the network infrastructure used to provide connectivity for Managed Server customers, Co-Location Customers, NAS Customers, and other CenturyLink Technology Solutions managed PaaS products.

Virtual Routing Forwarder

Virtual Routing Forwarder is the routing partition used to terminate per-customer CNS instances. Traffic egressing though that virtual router can only be reached through CenturyLink Cloud resources with the appropriate access control lists and policy based routing configurations.

Border Gateway Protocol

Border Gateway Protocol is the primary routing protocol used on the Internet to make routing decisions.

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Load Balancers

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Connect networks within a particular data center through the use of configurable firewall policies, and create firewall policies that connect different data centers.