Platform Advisory Support

Enterprise-grade support, with a designated Technical Account Manager.

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Platform Advisory Support is an enterprise-grade baseline support package that is automatically applied unless you select the Managed Services Anywhere package. Customers receive a designated Technical Account Manager to provide recommendations around best practices and platform triage to help them get the most out of Cloud Application Manager.

On-Demand IT Management

Lumen leads and owns all support responsibilities for any of the services utilized within the platform, including lead support responsibility for both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services in a Buy-Your-Own-Cloud (BYOC), Greenfield or Brownfield scenario.

Platform Advisory Support Coverage.

Enterprise-Grade Support

Contact the Lumen Global Operations Support Center for any of the features within Cloud Application Manager.

Orchestrate Cloud Applications Easily

Application Lifecycle Management enables customer IT transformation by orchestrating the delivery of infrastructure, applications and services across multiple clouds.

Lumen's Global Operations Support Center.

Cloud Optimization & Analytics.

Simplified Billing & Account Management

Cloud Optimization & Analytics provides support for consolidated billing, cost and spend recommendations, log and health monitoring, and security best practices.

Managed Services Anywhere improves business agility

Expert Help When You Need It

All Cloud Application Manager customers have access to a workgroup that comprises technical experts and program governance agents.

Platform Advisory Support Features

Core Platform
  • Allows integration with existing authentication systems.
  • Seamlessly navigate between portal sites using single sign-on.
  • Access entire functionality via API or User Interface.
  • Support for public cloud providers.
Application Lifecycle Management
  • Single interface for deployment and management of multiple environments.
  • Identity and access management allows sharing of workspaces, applications and cloud infrastructure across your organization.
  • Flexibility to meet business demands and organizational preferences.
Advanced Managed Services
  • Administer future-proofing concepts through building service delivery plans.
  • Forecast metrics through performance and capacity management reporting.
  • Map environment through documentation
Cloud Optimization & Analytics
  • Consolidated billing of cloud spend.
  • More than 350 automated Best Practice checks.
  • Create new Microsoft Azure or AWS accounts using Lumen reseller partnership.

Use Cases

Cloud Application Manager's Managed Services Anywhere eases migration
Streamlining Cloud Migration

Migration is one of the single most problematic challenges IT departments face. Applications outgrow the original infrastructure they were deployed on. Technologies change and need to be updated or replaced. Cost considerations may also play a role in driving the decision to migrate from one type of infrastructure to another. Minimize the pain with Managed Services Anywhere.

Cloud Application Manager can be an extension of your IT Staff
Minimize IT Staff Distractions

Cloud Application Manager's Managed Services Anywhere delivers certified engineers and knowledgeable support staff at-the-ready to monitor performance, and ensure security across your infrastructure, wherever it resides. This frees up your IT staff to focus on delivering business value, without the unnecessary distraction of administrative busy work.

“We reduce errors because [Cloud Application Manager] helps us maintain dependencies consistently with a single source of management. From one place... we provision the frontend and backend services."

— Henri Cook, Engineering Manager at Rightster


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Technical Account Manager

Lumen offers a designated Technical Account Manager to meet your diverse needs. Technical Account Managers are your lifecycle business partner and go-to contact for general support, and all Cloud Application Manager customers are provided a Primary TAM who is assigned to their account. A pool of TAMs is available to assist if the primary is not available.

The Technical Account Manager will provide or support:

  • Escalation, best practice and recommendations for additional hands-on services
  • Advisory-only level of guidance with best effort
  • Optimization reporting and recommendations via Add-On AMS packages
  • AWS associate, professional certifications and accreditations
  • Azure Cloud Platform certifications
  • VMware certifications
  • Note: TAM is named but not dedicated or guaranteed, and may be served from the next available resource. The TAM does not support any monitoring, alerts, remediation and creation/changes of policies.

“The collaborative relationship we developed helped take our entire solution to a new level. Our TAM was able to make suggestions that solved challenges before they became problems.”

Support for Cloud Application Manager

Email us for technical support for a response of 4 hours or less, depending on severity of the issue. Or call your regional number directly for more immediate response during business hours. Links are also provided within the Cloud Application Manager portal to open a ticket with a response time of no more than 4 hours.

  • Latin America:

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