Creating and Deleting an Exchange

This video shows how to create an Exchange with CenturyLink Cloud (CLC) and Colocation Endpoints.


Network Exchange provides secure, high-speed, redundant, automated network connections between disparate IT environments allowing for a true hybrid environment. The Network Exchange portal allows for self-managed connections, including the creation, modification and deletion, via the portal, combined with automation via Software Defined Networking.

Log-in to the CenturyLink Cloud Portal

Log-in to the Cloud Application Management (CAM) portal using your CAM credentials or your CenturyLink Cloud credentials.

Network Exchange Login

Create an Exchange

On the Network Exchange screen, click Create an Exchange.

Name the Exchange and add a description. The Billing Type for all Exchanges is Fixed Monthly.

Name the Exchange

Click Next.

Choose the Cloud endpoint type in the available drop down list.

First Endpoint

After you select your first endpoint, click next to fill in the details. Select the location and any other pertinent information on the screen.

Click Next to move on to the second endpoint.

Now choose the second endpoint type from the drop down list. Click Next.

Fill in the location and pertinent information for this endpoint.

Second Endpoint

Then click Next.

A Request Summary will appear. Review this to make sure the information is correct. Click Back to make changes or Submit to build the exchange.

Exchange Summary

The exchange will show a "BUILDING" status until it is complete. Then it will change to "ACTIVE."

Once active, you can view each endpoint by expanding the information under the exchange.

View Colocation Connection Instructions

To view the Colocation Endpoint connection instructions, expand the new Exchange and then expand the Colocation Endpoint.

View Instructions