Add a public IP

1. Navigate to Server Status

Navigate to the server you wish to add a public ip address to. In the action item in the power ops menu, select add public ip.

Add a public ip address to a server in the Control Portal

2. Enter Public IP Settings

The Add Public IP Address form will appear. Enter values in the appropriate fields that will meet your needs. In the form, you can specify which multiple single port, port ranges and CIDR Source IP ranges to open.

Add a public ip address to a server in the Control Portal

Internal IP Address: By default the internal IP address of the server will be selected. As the CenturyLink Public Cloud leverages a 1 to 1 NAT the public IP will be mapped to this private IP. Should you require more than 1 public IP on a server, the same process applies except when visiting the GUI the internal IP address field will show 'Add new IP address." During the provisioning of the 2nd Public IP, as we use 1 to 1 NAT, a new private IP will also be bound to the server.

** Public Port(s):** A fixed, defined list of frequently used TCP ports customers can simple select from to save time.

Single Port: A specific TCP or UDP port for an application service

Port Range: A specific range of TCP or UDP ports for an application service

Restrict Source Traffic: A flag that allows you to input a source IP filter on the public IP. If this is not enabled, any ports defined will be accessible by anyone on the public internet.

Source IP (CIDR): The list(s) of source IP or IP Ranges with defined TCP or UDP ports, in CIDR format. All other traffic will be blocked. Please see or for more details on proper format of CIDR ranges in the interface.

Finally, select the add public ip address button and an publicly accessible ip address/port combination will be added to your server.