Edit CPU on a Server

Whether you’re taking a development server into production, or facing a seasonal-related traffic spike, you may need to adjust the CPU or memory resources allocated to your server. Here's how to do it through the Control Portal.

Edit CPU on a Server

Once you've navigated to the server who's cpu allocation you wish to edit, hover over the CPU core count and the edit button will appear.

Select the edit button and enter the desired number of CPUs to your server in the textbox provided. You can also use the slider to increase or decrease the value.

Edit CPU button

The estimated price per month of the server, as well as the per hour price difference is displayed to show how the change may effect the cost of the server.

Edit the number of CPUs allocated to the server

Once you’re satisfied with your entry, select the apply button. Depending on your edits a reboot may be required for change to take affect.