Cloud Network Services

Seamlessly Integrate Multi-tenant and Dedicated Environments


OSI Layer 3 IP Network Link

Each instance of CNS provides a OSI Layer 3 Internet Protocol (IP) routed network link that connects two physically separate local area networks (LANs) sharing a block of IP addresses and a single VLAN.

Connected Services

A single CNS can connect multiple services to CenturyLink Cloud that are hosted on the same layer 2 Network. Services may also connect multiple services on the same layer 2 network.

Network Functionality Coverage

The VLAN ID and IP address block is selected to ensure network functionality at each LAN at both ends of the CNS network link.

Router and Firewall Configured

Router and firewall policies and configuration at CenturyLink Cloud are provisioned to enable the network link.

Private CIDR /27 IP Block

The networking address space is a private CIDR /27 IP block.

Global Availability

Cloud Network Service is available to customers in one or more data center.

Optional Service Types

Shared single line, Shared multiline, Dedicated single line, and Dedicated multiline are optional service types that are available.


1Gps to 10 Gps port bandwidth are available for Cloud Network Service.

Use Cases

Public/Private Cloud

Compliance, regulatory and InfoSec laws, rules and policies, as well as budget, can eliminate both the Internet and private WAN services from consideration in building a hybrid cloud. This is particularly true in hybrid models where a colocation model is deemed necessary to achieve corporate objectives for storing and processing sensitive data, thus eliminating the hybrid cloud solution all together. CNS puts hybrid cloud back on the table by providing private, secure connectivity between the cloud and business-critical computing resources.

Non-standard Workloads

The public cloud provides an ideal environment for development and test environments, providing flexibility not available in traditional IT models. CNS provides ready access from managed hosting to the cloud without large upfront investments or long term commitments. Like other use cases, the time and cost to turn up WAN services is eliminated as well as avoiding the costs of potentially unused network resources.

Cloud-ready Applications

In this case, the reason for adopting a hybrid model is both technical and economic. Workloads that are virtualization friendly are deployed in the cloud to minimize OpEx, while workloads that cannot be run in the cloud are deployed on traditional computing resources. Applications that don’t perform well in virtualized environments have close coupling with the underlying hardware, requiring specialized graphical, I/O, or other resources. This doesn’t describe the vast majority of broad-market applications but instead refers to specialized, purpose-built or customer software. As in other cases, CNS provides ready access from the cloud to traditional hosting.

Cloud Bursting

Enterprises with seasonal workloads can easily connect to the elastic compute capacity available in the cloud in an on-demand, pay as you go model that is CapEx and OpEx friendly. Cloud Network Service, once initially configured, provides ready access to the CenturyLink Cloud (CenturyLink Cloud), which uses a pay-as-you-go computing resource model.

Managed Services

Capabilities such as firewalls and load balancers are key elements of some IT architectures, irrespective of the computing model used. At the same time, the technical know-how to operate and manage those capabilities is typically not the core competencies of most organizations. Therefore, unmanaged cloud services, coupled with managed firewalls and/or load balancers, make perfect sense.


Cloud Network Service was designed and built expressly for connecting clouds to traditional managed hosting and colocation. It overcomes the challenge of the inherently unpredictable and insecure nature of the Internet, as well as the cost and bandwidth challenges of MPLS. It also places the management of hybrid cloud network connectivity into a single point of accountability.

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