IBM and Red Hat Bring Enhanced Edge Solutions to Enterprises

Latency Sensitive Applications for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

When User Experience Matters

To bring low latency benefits to enterprise applications, Lumen has expanded its relationship with IBM and RedHat to include support for IBM Cloud Satellite and Red Hat OpenShift on the Lumen Edge Platform.

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Create a Distributed Cloud Using IBM Satellite and Lumen Edge

IBM Cloud® Satellite helps you deploy and run applications consistently across all on-premises, edge computing and public cloud environments from any cloud vendor. It standardizes a core set of Kubernetes, data, AI and security services to be centrally managed as a service by IBM Cloud, with full visibility across all environments through a single pane of glass. When deployed on Lumen Edge, businesses get the agility of the public cloud with the latency and bandwidth benefits of on-premise solutions without the hassle and expense of building your own hosting environment.

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Many organizations today operate multiple environments, including on premises, edge and public cloud. Building, deploying and running applications in hybrid and multicloud scenarios can bring challenges that impact performance and user experiences. Examples include:


Latency issues that degrade the response time of mobile payment processing that requires payment receipt acknowledgement in less than two seconds

Data residency laws that require data to remain "in country"

Lack of agility, as applications sprawl across many locations, decreasing development velocity

Lack of visibility, as IT teams may be operating as many as 5-8 cloud environments and need visibility into their digital platform and applications for each site

IBM Video Analytics on Lumen Edge

Quickly scale your operational insights and analysis. Operations teams are looking for easy to deploy computer vision solutions that can scale with their needs. AI technologies have been proven to evolve their ability to accurately identify issues and take action. By easily hosting the application on the Lumen Edge, you add intelligent "eyes" to your operations, enabling reliability and quality teams to immediately identify issues and remediate to avoid risk and potential disruptions.
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Improve uptime and reduce defects

Use deep learning to analyze processes and outputs to continually improve error and defect detection and execute root-cause analysis.

Enable quick action and issue resolution

AI can spot issues within milliseconds and will quickly alert the right resource to inspect, diagnose and rectify any issue, anywhere.

Adopt innovation easily

Put AI innovation into the hands of reliability and quality professionals.

Empower any subject matter expert

The streamlined user interface allows domain experts to easily bring data and train models. Users with limited deep learning skills can now build models for AI solutions.

Innovation From the Cloud to the Edge

Red Hat OpenShift is the hybrid cloud platform of open possibility and with Lumen Edge you can run workloads as if the data center was in your backyard with the availability of the public cloud.

Managed with simplicity. In the Cloud or on the Edge. Build Fast. Ship First. Deploy virtually everywhere. Build with Kubernetes. Trust with RedHat.

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