Blueprint, Package, and Template Maximums and Limits

Updated by Keith Resar on Jan 19, 2015
Article Code: kb/899


Below are a few notes on the defined maximums or limits associated with usage of the Blueprint engine. Workflows that exceed these limits will fail with varying error messages.


Packages are individually composable tasks which can be executed on an ad-hoc basis at the server group level or can be defined as a group as part of a Blueprint.

  • Maximum execution time for a single package is 5 minutes
  • Packages do not share state with other packages or a Blueprint in which they reside
  • Packages have access to all set environment variables. Some of these can be specified within the package definition itself including system variables (user, hostname, IP address) and user defined variables.


Blueprints are composed of a multi-task workflow which may involve one or more distinct packages.

  • Maximum execution time for a single Blueprint is 20 minutes