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Add SRN Peer

Updated by Juan Aristizabal on Dec 27, 2017
Article Code: kb/97

Article Overview

This article focusses on how to pair two SRNs together to set up Protection Groups.


SRNs should already be registered within the SafeHaven Console.


SafeHaven Cluster already installed with proper network connectivity between CMS-SRN and SRN-SRN.

Add SRN Peer

Once all the production and recovery SRN(s) have been registered, then we must establish peering relationships between SRNs (ssh key exchange) in the production and recovery datacenters.

  1. Select an SRN in the production Data Center, navigate to the Peers tab and click on Add Peer.

  2. Select the SRN 2 (peer SRN on AWS for SRN 1) and provide the Root Password for both the SRN's. Click Register.

NOTE: A single production SRN can be paired with multiple recovery SRNs and vice-versa(many-to-many mapping is allowed and not limited to one-to-one mapping).

NOTE: Please follow the same procedure for CLC/VMWare/Manual sites as source datacenters.

Next Step is to Add and Claim Storage on Production SRN in Lumen Cloud