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Check Replication Status

Updated by Anshul Arora on Jan 17, 2017
Article Code: kb/318

Article Overview

This article explains how to check replication status for protection groups from the SafeHaven console and production server.


This article assumes that a SafeHaven cluster has already been created successfully. Both production and recovery SRNs are registered and peered with storage pools claimed correctly. Initial replication has been started on the Windows Production Servers.

Check Replication Status for a Windows Server

  1. RDP to the Production Windows server you are protecting. Open a command prompt with admin priviledges, and change the directory to C:\Program Files\SafeHaven\tools
cd C:\Program Files\SafeHaven\tools
  1. Execute the following command:
C:\Program Files\SafeHaven\tools>DgSyncEx.exe
  1. Check the status of the synchronization by running the list command
  1. Monitor the local replication by looking at the Progess% for each source disk. We require each disk to have progress % of 100 before configuring checkpoints.


Check Replication Status for a Linux Server

  1. SSH to the Production Linux Server you are protecting. Run these commands:
cd safehaven_linux_onboarding_scripts/
  1. This will show you the replication status and that the rsync job completed and the Script has ended.


Monitor the Unsynchronized Data for Protection Groups

Monitor the WAN replication by logging into the SafeHaven console, click on the Protection Group and monitor the Unsynchronized Data count in the Properties panel.


Once the WAN replication completes and the Unsynchronized data count is close to 0 bytes, next step is to Configure Checkpoints