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Knowledge Base  /  Disaster Recovery  /  SafeHaven 5 CLC to Azure

Create Storage Account in Azure

Updated by Juan Aristizabal on Jun 13, 2018
Article Code: kb/1100

Article Overview

This article explains how to create a storage account in order to store unmanaged disks in Azure, as part of the preparation for CMS and DR-SRN deployments.


  1. User must have an Azure account and permissions to create a storage account on a given Subscription.


  1. It is assumed here that the user has an Azure account and an active subscription.

Create a Storage Account in Azure

  1. Go to the Azure portal
  2. Go to Storage accounts service on the Favorites list or search for the service at top of the page next to the arrow glass.
  3. Click on the plus sign Add.
  4. Provide a Name to the account. Leave the default Resource manager option for Deployment model
  5. Under Account kind select Storage (general purpose v1). Note for more information on storage account types visit
  6. Select a Location for the account. This is important as it will determine the DR Location for other SafeHaven resources like Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks.
  7. For Replication select Locally-redundant-storage (LRS).
  8. Select Standard under Performance
  9. Leave the default Disabled for Secure transfer required
  10. Select a Subscription for the new storage account.
  11. Under Resource group select Create a new for a new SafeHaven deployment or if you have done already select it accordingly from the list after clicking on the Use existing radio button.
  12. Click on the Create button to complete the process.