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Configuring the recovery server in a Linux PG

Updated by Weiran Wang on May 09, 2018
Article Code: kb/1126

Article Overview

This article explains how to configuring the recovery server in a Linux PG.


Access to the recovery server.


This article assumes that:

  1. A SafeHaven cluster has been created successfully.
  2. Linux PG initial sync is completed and there are clean 0 sized checkpoint(s) for Test Failover

Configure the recovery server

A recovery server boots off of disks of the DR SRN when a test failover/ failover operation is issued.

  1. Right click on the Linux PG, select Test Failover from the drop-down menu
  2. Select the desired checkpoint and click on next
  3. Once Test Failover and Power on are completed, click on next.
  4. Confirm the right PG is selected and click on Next
  5. SSH into the Recovery Linux Server.
  6. Download the Linux Onboarding scripts. The Download URL can be found under the Download Links section in SafeHaven 5.0.0 Release Notes
    wget SafeHaven_Linux_Onboarding_Download_URL
  7. Extract the downloaded file.
    tar xvfz file_name

Note: the above file name can be different.
8. Run the replication script :

cd safehaven_linux_onboarding_scripts
./ -d

Note: The above script will download some packages required for the replication.

  • Please enter the iSCSI Target Server IP Address at this site:
    Please put the Local iSCSI IP Address of the Recovery SRN in Lumen Cloud Production Datacenter here.
  1. Shut down the Recovery server.
    shutdown -h now
  2. Go back to SafeHaven Console Test Failover wizard, check both MakeStub tool complete and Reboot & verify complete boxes, then click on Finish.
  3. Click on Delete and Finish button to exit the wizard, Wait till the job to complete.