Prepare a Recovery Server Template

Updated by Anshul Arora on Apr 30, 2018
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Article Overview

  • A Recovery Server is the server that runs the image of the production server at the time of a disaster, when a user clicks the test-failover/failover button.
  • Matching NIC and PCI Slot: For Windows Production Server, if the DR-Site is CLC/DCC/VMWare, the NIC and PCI slots of the Recovery VM should be exactly same as that of the Production Server. This is a requirement for iSCSI boot on the DR Side.
    Note : Matching NIC/PCI is not needed for a Linux Production VM.
  • For ease of deployment, it is highly recommended to have a Recovery instance template in advance before creating a protection group. It is mostly benefitial when there are multiple production VMs with similar PCI slots
    Note : If the production server's NIC and PCI slots are VMXNET3 and 160, respectively , then a template is not required because Lumen Cloud's default Ubuntu 14 template can be used to deploy a recovery instance.

This article explains how to create a template for recovery server in CLC.

Find out NIC and PCI of the Production Server.

  1. Log into the Windows Production VM.
  2. Go to Device Manager.
  3. Expand Network Adapters.
  4. Right click the Network Adapter, and click Properties.
  5. Take a note of the NIC Type and PCI slot number.

Create an instance with matching NIC and PCI.

  1. Login to Lumen cloud portal.

  2. Click on the Datacenter that is required to be the DR Datacenter.

  3. Click Create button on the right to expand it.
    a. Click Server.
    b. Make sure that correct Datacenter and Group is selected.
    Select Server Type : Standard
    Select Operating System : Ubuntu 14|64-bit

    Note: Ubuntu 14 VM is being used intentionally to protect a windows production server. The cost of an Ubuntu recovery server is very less compared to a Windows Recovery Server. Windows Recovery server should be used in case of Migration

    Enter Server Name. Just 6 characters are allowed.
    Enter admin/root password
    Give the server 1 CPUs and 1 GB Memory.
    Note: No need to add any additional storage at this point.
    Select a Network. This is the network where the Recovery Servers will be deployed.
    Click Create Server.
    Note: It may take a few minutes for the deployment to finish

  4. Once the VM has been created, send a request to to change the NIC and PCI slot of the VM to match the Production Server. The request can also be submitted through chat with support button from Lumen control portal.

Convert a VM into Template

Once the NIC and PCI of the VM matches the production server, it can be converted into a template to be used multiple Protection Group Deployments.
Note: Do not convert a Production Server into a template. It can cause downtime.

  1. In Lumen control portal, click on the VM that is to be converted into a template in DR Datacenter.
  2. Click convert to template button.
    a. Make sure the template location is in DR Datacenter.
    b. Enter the admin or root password of the VM that is being converted into a template.
    c. Under publish settings, select Private shared.
    d. Click convert server to template.
    Note: It may take a few minutes to convert a VM into a template. All the templates are stored in Templates group.