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Create Site-to-site VPN between CLC and AWS

Updated by Anshul Arora on Jan 31, 2018
Article Code: kb/75

Article Overview

This article explains how to create a site-to-site VPN between AWS and CLC. It is assumed that the user has accounts in both AWS and CLC in order to create the VPN.

Create VPC

  1. Login to your AWS Console.

  2. Go to Services. Click on VPC.

  3. Click on Launch VPC Wizard

  4. Select VPC with Public and Private Subnets and Hardware VPN Access. Click Select.

    • Enter IPv4 CIDR block . This is going to be a /16 IP block that will be created under the VPC.
      IPv6 CIDR Block : Select the defaul option, No IPv6 CIDR Block.
      Enter VPC name.

    • Enter Public subnet's IPv4 CIDR. Enter a /24 IP block to use for the public subnet. This subnet should be within the range of /16 IP clock specied in step a.
      Select an availability zone for the subnet.
      Enter the Public subnet name

    • Enter Private subnet's IPv4 CIDR. Enter a /24 IP block to use for the private subnet. This subnet should be within the range of /16 IP clock specied in step a.
      Select an availability zone for the subnet.
      Enter the Private subnet name.

    • Click Next.

  5. Configure your VPN.

    • Enter Customer Gateway IP.
      To find this information, login to Lumen Portal
      Click on Network > Site-to-site VPN
      Click +site to site vpn
      Select the right datacenter in front of Control portal site
      Copy the VPN Peer IPv4 address and paste it in Customer Gateway IP in AWS.

    • Enter Customer Gateway name and VPN Connection name.

    • Change Routing type to Static

    • Go back to CLC Site to Site VPN page to get the IP prefix.
      Click on Add Network Block. Select the Network and subnet size. click Add network block.
      Copy the IP address in fron of Tunnel Encrypted Subnets and paste it under IP prefix in AWS.

    • Click Create VPC. This will initiate the VPC.

    • Click ok
      Select the newly created VPC.
      click VPN Connections.
      At the bottom left of the screen. Under tunnel details you can see the 2 tunnels created. The status will be down because CLC side of the tunnel has not been configured yet

Continue the VPN Configuration on CLC

  1. Go back to the site-to-site VPN page in CLC cloud.

  2. Enter Site Name and Device Name(can be any name).

    VPN Peer IPv4 Address will the outside IP of tunnel 1 under AWS Tunnel details.

  3. Tunnel Encrypted Subnets : Click Add network block. This is the private subnet from the AWS VPC. Go back to the AWS cloud, and click on Subnets on the left side under Virtual Private Cloud.

    Select the Private subnet under new VPC, and copy the IPv4 CIDR from under Summary. Go back to CLC page and paste this IP under Tunnel encrypted subnets.

  4. Click next: phase 1

Phase 1

  1. Go back to AWS page, and click on VPN Connections. Click Download Configuration. Change the vendor to pfsense and click Download. From the configuration file, you can find all the AWS VPN configuration values. Make sure you copy the configuration for Tunnel 1 and not Tunnel 2.

  2. Copy the pre-shared key from the file and paste it in CLC in fron of Pre-Shared Key. Scroll down and click on next: phase 2

Phase 2

  1. You can keep the default values:
    IPEC Protocol ESP
    Encryption Algorithm: AES-128
    Hashing Algorithm: SHA1(96)
    PFS Enabled: ON, Group 2
    Lifetime Value: 1 hour

  2. Click Finish.

  3. Wait for the VPN job to finish, you can monitor the job by clicking on Status.

  4. Go back to AWS page, click on VPN connections. The first tunnel should now be UP.

NAT Gateway.

The private subnet needs to be routed using a NAT Gateway.

Elastic IP

  1. Click on Elastic IPs on the left side onder Virtual Private Cloud.

  2. Click on Allocate new address. Click Alocate

  3. This will privision a new Elastic IP. Click Close.

Create a NAT Gateway

  1. Click on NAT Gateways on the left side.

  2. For Subnet, select the public subnet that was created with the VPC.

  3. For Elastic IP Allocation ID, Select the elastic IP that we created in previous section.

  4. Click Create a NAT Gateway

Edit Route Tables

  1. Click Edit route tables.

  2. Select the route table with 0 associated subnets and the VPC that we created.

  3. Click on Routes tab.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Click Add another route.
    Under destination, enter Undedr target, select the NAT Gateway created in previous section.
    Click Save.

  6. Click on Subnet Associations tab.

  7. Click Edit.

  8. Select the private subnet, and click Save.

This concludes the setup of VPN between Lumen Cloud and AWS cloud.

To configure security groups, please follow configure security groups