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Upgrade from SafeHaven 5.1 to 5.2

Updated by Shi Jin on Aug 15, 2019
Article Code: kb/1237


With the release of SafeHaven 5.2.0, there is manual procedure to upgrade from previous SafeHaven-5.1.* versions. Note that this procedure works for upgrades to all Safehaven-5.2.* versions.

Please note that the procedure described in this document is for EXPERTS only. If there is any doubt, please contact SafeHaven support by creating a ticket with

Special Note about WAN Sync Throttle

Upon SBD upgrade, all PGs will be reset back to the default 2MB/s WAN sync throttle settings. So it is recommended to take note of the existing WAN sync throttle settings for all PGs before the upgrade so that these settings can be manully changed back to the desired settings after the SBD ugprade.

Upgrade procedure (experts only)

1. Upgrade Syntropy to 5.2.* using GUI

Do it in the same way used in all upgrades

2. Upgrade Base OS to 5.2.* using CLI on CMS

First, ssh to the CMS as the root user.

Then run the following command in the /root/BaseImageConfigurators folder:

root@ip-172-31-0-72:~/BaseImageConfigurators# ./clusterBaseUpdate 
Updating Base on all SRNs...

This script will update the base os package on each SRN sequentially. It takes a couple of minutes to upgrade one SRN. If there are many SRNs, this process may take some time. Please be patient. You can also ignore the outputs.

Note that we have to re-login to the cluster using the GUI after this.

In order to confirm the change, ssh into the SRN as root and run dpkg -l |grep safehaven and you should see something like

root@localhost:~# dpkg -l |grep safehaven
ii  safehaven                          5.2.0                                      amd64        Lumen SafeHaven. Build 5.2.0
ii  safehaven-base                     5.2.0                                      amd64        Lumen SafeHaven-Base. Build 5.2.0
ii  safehaven-sbd                      9.0.2                                      amd64        Lumen SafeHaven-SBD. Built for kernel 4.4.0-34-generic and SafeHaven-5.0.1
ii  safehaven-scst                     3.2.0                                      amd64        Specifically built for kernel 4.4.0-34-generic

We expect to see that the safehaven-base package is at version 5.2.0.

3. Upgrade SBD for individual SRNs manually

SBD is the kernel module running on the SRN that is responsible for SafeHaven data replication.
In order to upgrade it, we need to run the following 3 commands in sequence:

dpkg -i /usr/lib/datagardens/packages/safehaven-sbd.deb

It is a good idea to check the iSCSI sessions and sbd devices before and after the upgrade/reboot to confirm that the process has worked.
After the upgrade, we should have sbd-9.0.3 which can be checked by

root@PD-SRN-Azure:~# sbdm version

SBD release version: 9.0.3 
SBD installation requirements: 
        Linux distribution: 
            (1) Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS(recommended) 
                Supported Linux kernel:  Linux 4.8.0-44-generic(recommended), 
                                         Linux 4.4.0-34-generic 
            (2) Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS 
                Supported Linux kernel:  Linux 3.13.0-96-generic 
        Snapshot file version: 4.4 
        Bitmap file (for ROW) version: 3.3 (recommended), 

SBD(kernel land) version:
    SBD kernel version: 5.3.2 
    SBD build tag: iteration/2019-02-12-45-g8a495ec 
SBDM(user interface) Version: 5.3