bpimager Appliance Import Requirements for Ecosystem Partners

Updated by @KeithResar on Feb 23, 2016
Article Code: kb/518

Allow CenturyLink customers to instantly deploy your virtual appliance within their private space on our IaaS Cloud.

This program is available to all registered Ecosystem partners working with an Integration Engineer

Getting Started

Get started by acquiring the following:

  • Locate your virtual appliance source in a compatible format (see requirements below)
  • Document the sizing paramerters (CPU, RAM, Storage)
  • Send this information to your assigned Integration Engineer or if you don't have one contact ECOSystem@centurylink.com


Appliances meeting the following specifications may be compatible for instant deploy using bpimager:

  • Linux-based operating system. We have proven support for anything RPM, Deb, or Gentoo based
  • All partitions on a single virtual disk with size not to exceed 1TB
  • Server ready for use on boot (no first-boot console configuration can be applied)
  • Partition file types one of: ReisferFS, ext*, LVM, md
  • Disk formatted as vmdk, raw, or other common file type

bpimager Deploy Process

Your virtual appliance will be cloned and some CenturyLink Cloud platform-specific modifications will be made:

  • Root password will be modified to match what customer provides
  • Static IP address networking and DNS will be configured based on customer specifications