How to Navigate to Managed Support Portal

Updated by Evan McNeill on Jul 30, 2018
Article Code: kb/1140


As of 6/23/2018, support functionality formerly accessible from SavvisStation has migrated to the new Support Portal. We have made sure that Support is reachable for all relevant applications and users, which extends beyond SavvisStation. This article will go into detail about how you can reach the new Support Portal.


Option 1: Navigating from SavvisStation

You can access the new support solution by clicking the ‘Support’ tab:


Clicking this link will direct you to the dashboard for the Support Portal. Additionally, due to SavvisStations’ former abilities to view support information in other areas of the site, there are also other links and drilldowns that will redirect you to the Support Portal. Some examples include:

  • Report Drilldowns. Any Ticket or Change record link will redirect you to that ticket or change in the Support Portal.

  • Services. Within Services you can view related tickets, changes, and alerts. You can still view this information but if you attempt to click on a ticket, change, alert, it will open that ticket or change in the Support Portal in a new tab.

  • Dashboard. The dashboard contains many links and data that will now redirect to the Support Portal. Examples include useful links for support functions and drilldowns for ticket summary.

**Option 2: Navigating from Persistent (?) Header

Any linkable services to your Master Account will include a (?) icon in the header with ‘Create a Ticket’ and/or ‘Support Center’ as an option. Clicking either of these links will launch the Support Portal Dashboard or Create Ticket pages.


Private Cloud:

Manage My Account (Accessible via ‘Manage my Account’) under profile dropdowns: