Marketplace Updates April 2017

Updated by Brandy Smith on Apr 28, 2017
Article Code: kb/260

The Lumen Marketplace provides self-service, on-demand provisioning of provider services on the Lumen Platform. Below are the current products available in the Marketplace. The Marketplace is constantly evolving with more products, providers, and offerings. Check the Marketplace Updates for the latest Marketplace offerings. If you would like to join the Lumen Cloud Marketplace Provider Program, you can learn more here.

Products added to the Lumen Marketplace April 2017 include:

  • FlexSecure Passwordless Authentication
    FlexSecure is a context-based Authentication-as-a-Service API platform, providing passwordless and pin-based authentication. This platform enables organizations of all sizes to choose, or mix and match, appropriate user authentication methods to protect and secure their data sources on their Cloud/Mobile/IT infrastructure.
    By adding multi-layered authentication options that may require user interaction before granting access, organizations have the ability to add significant levels of security to protect their data from hackers and prevent unauthorized access.