Latency Testing for CenturyLink Cloud Data Center Nodes

Updated by Chris Little on Jul 15, 2015


Customers who wish to test latency to CenturyLink Cloud Data Center Nodes globally can leverage CloudHarmony's cloud speed test.


  1. Navigate to the Cloud Harmony Cloud Speed Test

  2. Use the search term CenturyLink Cloud and select CenturyLink Cloud Servers (13 Services).

    Select Cloud Speed Test

  3. Expand Test Options and select Latency. Optionally, you can select Downlink and Uplink to get valuable data transfer metrics in the same test. De-select the DNS field. You may wish to change the Test Duration to fit your needs.

    Select Test Options

  4. Select the Start button to begin your test. Results will be displayed for the defined tests.

    Test Results

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