Introduction to Lumen Cloud Connect Services

Updated by Gavin Lai on Jan 27, 2022
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Lumen Cloud Connect Solutions delivers secure, high-performance and virtualized networking functionality to leading public and private clouds. Our global reach and extensive Wavelength, Carrier Ethernet and IP VPN connectivity options meet today’s hybrid cloud business requirements. And available, dynamic SDN-based controls can provide you with a network experience that matches your cloud experience.


All users intertest in connecting to any public cloud platform



Lumen Cloud Connect Capabilities and Flexibility

  • Capabilities
    • Global Reach - Cloud connections in the North American, European, Latin American and Asia-Pacific regions
    • Connectivity - Extensive connectivity options including Wavelengths, Ethernet Services and IP VPN, globally for most major CSPs
    • Visibility - Available portals, mobile applications and APIs for accessibility to data, metrics and SDN network controls
    • Data Center Connectivity - 360+ Lumen data centers, 2,200 third-party data centers
  • Flexibility
    • Dynamic SDN-based capabilities are layered onto network services to provide greater visibility, flexibility and control of application traffic traversing your metro or wide-area network


Cloud Providers supported by Lumen Cloud Connect

  • Amazon Web Services® Direct Connect
  • Microsoft® ExpressRoute
  • Microsoft® ExpressRoute Direct
  • Google® Cloud Partner Interconnect
  • Google® Cloud Dedicated Interconnect
  • IBM® Resiliency Services
  • IBM® Cloud Managed Services
  • IBM® Cloud Direct Link
  • Oracle® Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect

For providers not listed above, please contact your Lumen sales representative with your destinations.

For location availability, please refer to the maps.

Lumen Cloud Connect Connectivity Options

Cloud Provider/Connection Type AWS Azure GCP Oracle IBM Cloud** IBM Resiliency Services and Cloud Managed Services
Layer 1 (WaveLength) X X X X X
Layer 2 (Ethernet) X X X X X
Layer 3 (MPLS/IP VPN) X X X X X X
Dynamic Connections Ethernet (Layer 2) X X X X X X
Dynamic Connections IPVPN (Layer 3) X X

More options can be available by contacting your Lumen sales representative.

Overview of Lumen Cloud Connect to different cloud providers

Details on Dynamic Connections can be found here.

Procedure to Configure Lumen Cloud Connect

For new Lumen Cloud Connect users, please refer to product readiness page.
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