Changing IP address on a Lumen Cloud hosted machines

Updated by Joon Park on May 06, 2014
Article Code: kb/1391


Changing IP addresses


At this time, there is no automated way of changing IP addresses via Control Portal. Even with careful planning there may be times when IP addresses will need to be modified.


Lumen Cloud Users


  • Changing IPs on the same subnet
    1. Gather the necessary information for the change and send mail to It should include the following information to avoid delay.
  • Subject of the email with "IP change request (Control update only)"
  • Server name
  • IP address to be changed, you can view your current list of provisioned IPs under Network => IP addresses
    1. Customer Care Engineer will perform the updates in Control to remove the old and add the new IP to the requested server. Mail response will be sent from the ticket confirming the change performed.
    2. Customer to modify the IP on the vm at the Operating system layer.


  • Changing IPs to a different subnet
    1. Currently, this is a non-standard support request and will require a ticket submission to Custom Requests.  Please reference our Custom Request process for more information.
    2. Please also include the information stated in step 1a in addition to the following.
      • Subject of the email with “Custom Request – IP and subnet change request”
      • Verbal statement to grant permission for the Customer Care team to login to the server to make OS level changes.